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Greenburgh police responded to Scarsdale Country Club Oct. 7 on a call of a missing person. The woman’s sister contacted police and reported her sister was being held against her will by Khamsay Chansouk. The woman was found and, after speaking to her, it was determined she wasn’t being held against her will. She said she called Chansouk to pick her up from a rehabilitation center. Chansouk was later found at his house. After running his name through a system, it was determined he had a warrant in Connecticut. He was taken to headquarters to be booked and processed.


Two officers were dispatched to Rite Aid on E. Hartsdale Avenue Sept. 30 on a report of a larceny. An employee reported a woman entered the store and went to the beverage section to fill a blue reusable shopping bag with Red Bull drinks. The employee said when the suspect noticed her in the aisle watching her, she looked up and smiled but didn’t move. The employee said she found her manager to tell her what she saw. The suspect was walking from the aisle to the closest exit past the manager who asked her to stop. The manager said the suspect began running out of the store. The video surveillance shows a woman crouched in front of the refrigerator, however the angle of the video doesn’t show her putting anything in the bag.

Police were called to the TJ Maxx on N. Central Avenue Oct. 5 on a report of a larceny in progress. The suspect allegedly concealed clothes totaling $796.40 in a backpack. The security footage showed the man placed clothing items in the bag, exited the store after passing all points of sale. The loss prevention agent followed the man into the parking lot and told him to drop the merchandise. At that point, the man dropped the bag in the lot and ran away.

There was also an attempted larceny reported at Rite Aid on E. Hartsdale Avenue on Oct. 6. The assistant manager reported a man tried to steal a Magnavox system worth $69.99. The store supervisor stopped the suspect at the exit and prevented the larceny. The officer viewed the security footage, which showed a scuffle between the suspect and the supervisor. The suspect got into a car and drove away.

Arrest warrant

Police saw a car driving on S. Central Avenue Oct. 6 with unauthorized blue license plate lamps. The officer pulled the driver over and found that the driver, Noel Delos-Reyes, had his license suspended in New York because of eight open scoff laws. He was arrested and taken to police headquarters.

Suspended registration

Police were alerted by a license plate reader on Central Avenue Sept. 30 that a car driving by had a suspended registration. The officer pulled the car over and issued the driver a summons.

Another car was pulled over for having a suspended registration Sept. 30 on S. Central Avenue. The officer issued a summons.

House alarm

An officer responded to a call from a Highridge Road house Sept. 30. Upon arrival, the officer found an unlocked glass door. Everything seemed to be in order inside.

Identity theft

A Rock Hill Lane woman told police Oct. 1 someone had placed a hold on the mail for her address. Once she followed up with the postal inspector, it was discovered packages from Amazon were sent to another address under her name. The woman reported the Amazon account she uses is under her husband’s name, however someone created an account with her personal information and her credit card. The account was closed and the money was reimbursed. A credit card was also opened under her husband’s name after the mail hold was lifted.

An E. Hartsdale Avenue woman told police Oct. 7 she was going through her bills and noticed a letter from PayPal confirming an account opened in her name. The woman said she never opened an account with the company and doesn’t know who used her personal information to open it.


A Highpoint Drive woman told police Oct. 3 her neighbor began to harass her Oct. 2 about her being in the residence’s community room. The woman said whenever the neighbor confronts her, he says rude things and slams the door when he leaves the room. She said the harassment is an ongoing issue and she wanted to have it documented.

This report, covering Greenburgh police activity in Edgemont and Hartsdale from Oct. 1 to Oct. 7, was compiled from official information.

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