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An Innes Road resident told police March 16 she was the victim of criminal impersonation and larceny. She’s a business owner and said she received an email from one of her vendors requesting she pay approximately $15,000 via wire transfer. A week later, when the vendor said the money she’d sent had not been received, the business owner realized the first email was a scam. Her bank is conducting an internal investigation.

An 88-year-old Greendale Road resident told police she was the victim of criminal impersonation and larceny after receiving an email from what she thought was Amazon inquiring if she’d purchased an $800 computer, which she hadn’t. She said when she called the number on the email, she was instructed to go to her computer and type $800 into a screen that said her money would be refunded. As she finished typing, she saw extra zeros were added, making the amount $80,000. At this time a fake Amazon employee got on the phone and began giving instructions. Over three days, the woman conducted three different wire transfers to a bank in Indonesia before realizing she was being scammed. Her bank is trying to stop the transfers.


A Bronx man was arrested March 19 on Weaver Street and Hutchinson Avenue charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, open container, and unlawful possession of marijuana. Gabriel Hinds, 27, was pulled over in a motor vehicle stop; a check of his records disclosed Hinds had a suspended license and six suspensions. He was placed under arrest and taken to police headquarters for processing. His car was impounded and he is scheduled to appear in court April 7.

ConEd work in progress

Police responded to a residence on Rectory Lane March 15 after the homeowner reported someone claiming to work for Con Edison was on the doorstep. She said she was unaware of any services to be performed that day, but after police ascertained the man is a legitimate subcontractor, she agreed to let him work on the meter.

Another Rectory Lane caller March 17 said someone driving a blue car with Florida plates claimed they were a Con Edison contractor. The man identified himself to police as a legitimate ConEd worker and said he was in the area to check natural gas detectors.

Identity theft and fraud

A Stratton Road resident reported March 15 his wife’s identity was stolen and used in an unemployment benefits scam. He’s been in contact with the Department of Labor and filed a fraud claim on her behalf.

A Tory Lane resident March 15 reported receiving a debit card in the mail for unemployment benefits never requested.

A Carthage Road man March 15 told police someone used his credit card to make unauthorized purchases worth more than $8,000. The man said he lost the card in January but only recently became aware of the loss. Police closed the case due to insufficient evidence.

A Woods Lane caller March 16 reported someone fraudulently applied for unemployment benefits in the caller’s name; later the caller contacted police again to report the fraudster succeeded because the caller received a debit card for those fraudulent benefits. The caller was not out any money but wanted to file a report.

A Richbell Road resident March 16 called police to report someone fraudulently applied for unemployment benefits using the caller’s identity; that action was stopped but the caller found out that someone opened a money market account using the same information. 

A Montgomery Road resident March 16 called police to report unemployment claims were made in the caller’s name without permission. The caller was not aware of any other fraudulent activity and was not out any money.

A Post Road resident March 17 reported fraudulent claims for unemployment made in the resident’s name.

A Roosevelt Place resident March 18 told police an unknown person without her knowledge or permission purchased a MacBook valued at $1,800 using her credit card. She was able to cancel the card and is not out any money.

A Jefferson Road resident March 20 called police to report someone filed for unemployment benefits using the resident’s identity, which was discovered when a neighbor brought a letter mistakenly delivered to the neighbor containing a debit card for collecting benefits. Police advised the caller to contact the Department of Labor. 

Leaning power pole

Police responded to Weaver Street and Heathcote Road March 15 on a report of a utility pole that seemed to be leaning too much. Upon arrival, police saw the pole appeared to be leaning but didn’t considered it a cause for concern. The pole was reinforced with supportive safety wire and Con Edison was contacted.

Nipped by dog

A Brite Avenue caller reported while walking through the Red Maple Swamp March 15 she encountered someone walking two dogs. She asked if the dogs were friendly and was told one was. She asked if she could pet the friendly one and, while petting that dog, the other dog jumped on her and bit her upper arm. She said she wasn’t injured and there was no damage to her jacket. Police took her report but no further action was taken.

Neighbor dispute

Police responded to Greenacres Avenue March 16 when branches from a neighbor’s tree reportedly fell on the caller’s property precipitating an argument with the neighbor that led to yelling and pushing. Police spoke to all parties involved to get information and advised the neighbors to steer clear of one another.

Argument over trading card

Police responded to the Tompkins Road Fire Station March 16 on a report of a dispute over a trading card. Police spoke with a 43-year-old man who said he had an issue with a 21-year-old Rye Brook man and what appeared to be the Rye Brook man’s father. The reporting party told police he changed his mind and no longer wanted to buy the card. All parties left the scene without incident.

No playing with toys in the parking lot

Police responded to a business on Mamaroneck Road March 16 on a report that a parent and her child were playing with a toy car in the private parking lot. She was advised it was dangerous as cars were arriving to drop off other children. The parent left the premises prior to police arrival.

Fare trouble

A cab driver called police from Lockwood Road March 15 to say he was having trouble getting paid by a fare he had just dropped off. Police arrived and the driver said the problem was resolved and police were no longer needed.

Dead cat

A dead cat was reported in the road March 17 at the intersection of Post and Ferncliff roads. The highway department was notified.

Can’t find car

A caller reported March 17 he couldn’t find his car, which he’d parked on Garth Road. He didn’t know if it was parked in Eastchester or Scarsdale. Police looked for the car in the Scarsdale jurisdiction with negative results. The caller said he would file a report with police in Eastchester. Two hours later the manager of a business on Christie Place told police a blue BMW was parked in the store parking lot for a day and a half. Soon after it was learned the car was reported stolen from Eastchester. The owner was contacted and went to claim his vehicle. Eastchester police are reviewing surveillance camera footage.

That takes the cake

The owner of a business on East Parkway March 18 told police an orange cake valued at $14 was stolen from the store. It’s unknown how the cake was stolen. A report was filed.

Stolen license plate

A Brewster Road resident March 20 reported a license plate was missing from the resident’s car which is usually driven by the resident’s nanny. The caller was told to get a new registration from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Accidental gas

Police responded to South Church Lane March 20 on a report of a car parked on a lawn. They spoke to the operator of the car who said she hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and accidentally drove onto two of her neighbors’ properties. The car damaged grass, bushes and one outdoor light. The driver wasn’t injured and said she would pay for the damages. Police spoke with the two homeowners who were provided with incident numbers.

Car accidents

A two-car accident was reported March 15 on Post Road and Huntington Avenue when the driver of a Bee-Line bus said she was traveling on Post Road and slowed at the intersection when her bus was struck by a white box truck that failed to stop and continued north on Post Road. No injuries were reported and police canvassed the area but couldn’t find the box truck.


Firefighters responded to the Heathcote Road Bypass by Secor Road March 15 on a report of a landscaper’s trailer on fire. On arrival police saw the fire had been extinguished; the landscaper said he put the fire out using a dry chemical extinguisher. He said the fire began when he started a leaf blower that ignited. With the fire put out, no further action was taken.

A natural gas leak was detected in an excavation hole bringing gas to a house on Brite Avenue near Donellan Road March 15. Fire personnel metered the sewers and storm drains, but readings were negative. Con Edison arrived on scene to remedy the situation.

A pregnant woman reported a head injury during a car accident on the Hutchinson River Parkway March 20. Emergency personnel responded to the location south of Weaver Street. New Rochelle firefighters were already on scene.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from March 15 to March 21, was compiled from official information.

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