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Stanley Dejesuscru

Police received a call from a Dunham Road resident June 19 that a man was going into a car and taking property. Officers arrived to the scene and saw a man who matched the description given by the caller. Investigation revealed the man, Stanley Dejesuscruz, was in possession of stolen property taken from a number of cars in the village. He also had damaged a car when he tried to get into it. Dejesuscruz was arrested and charged with larceny and criminal mischief. He was arraigned in village court and remanded to Westchester County Jail.

Ex-employee accused of stealing

A Spencer Place store owner told police June 10 a former employee had stolen from his store. The store owner said the former employee stole $2,885.93 through 41 falsified return transactions. According to the point of sale documentation, all items were returned to various debit and credit cards in the employee’s name while she was working at the store. The owner provided documentation highlighting the items that were falsely returned, statements showing where the money was transferred to and dates and times the employee was working. The police report stated according to the documentation provided, it appeared a crime may have occurred. The owner said he wasn’t looking to press charges, but wanted his money returned. Police spoke to the former employee, who said although she didn’t steal anything, she would work out a payment plan.

Stolen car

A Sherbrooke Road woman told police June 12 her car was stolen from her driveway the night before. She said the car was last used when she and her husband went out to dinner. None of the family members knew where the car was and believed it had been stolen.


A New Rochelle man was driving in the right lane on Post Road June 10. A Fishkill man was in the left lane next to the New Rochelle man when both side mirrors collided. There were no injuries.

A Secor Road man was pulled over on Depot Place, dropping off a passenger June 10. When he tried to enter the traffic lane, he sideswiped a Tuckahoe woman’s car as she was driving by. There were no injuries.


There was a report of wires down and burning near Post and Murray Hill roads June 11. Upon arrival, firefighters found a line was down and burning on the side of the road. Con Edison was notified, and they responded.

Firefighters responded to the area of Ross and Post roads June 12 on a report of a transformer explosion. They found a tree limb on primary wires. Firefighters shut the road and called Con Edison to respond.


Emilio Espejo didn’t appear in court for aggravated unlicensed operation of a car and a turn signal violation. He was issued a warrant letter.

Jesse Garcia pleaded guilty to driving on a highway in an unregistered car.

Jonathan Martin pleaded guilty to petit larceny. He will spend eight months in Westchester County Jail and will have a five-year order of protection.

Christi Morales-Gonzalez pleaded guilty to driving without a license and failure to obey a traffic device and will pay $340 in fines.

Honey Nielsen Arauz pleaded guilty to an aggravated DWI. She will pay $1,400 in fines, attend a Victim Impact Panel and an Impaired Driver Program and her license will be revoked.

Dwayne Wilkinson pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. He will have to cooperate with a two-year order of protection and there was a conditional discharge of $125.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from June 10-17 and the Scarsdale Village Justice Court calendar from June 12, was compiled from official information.

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