Police saw a car braking numerous times on Mamaroneck Road July 20. The driver then made a quick left turn onto Catherine Road, and the officer saw the car was stopped for a long time. The driver then began driving again and made a right turn onto Mamaroneck Road and another right turn back onto Catherine Road. The officer pulled the car over and spoke to the driver, 26-year-old New York City resident Timothy Bolton. Bolton said he was coming from New Canaan, Connecticut, and was trying to find the train station. When speaking to Bolton, the officer detected a strong odor of alcohol on his breath, his eyes were glassy and bloodshot and his speech was slurred. The officer applied an alco-sensor pre-screening test, which detected alcohol on Bolton’s breath. Bolton was arrested for a DWI and taken to police headquarters. He was released after being processed, fingerprinted and photographed, and given an appearance ticket to return to court July 24.

Forged check

A Woods Lane woman told police July 16 a large sum of money was withdrawn from her checking account without her permission. She said her signature was forged on a check.

Identity theft

A Greenacres Avenue man told police July 17 someone stole $108,457 from his bank account in four separate transactions. He said only one of the checks was reimbursed. The man said he was a victim of identity theft in February and had a safeguard that required a password for any transactions. The password should have been required for withdrawals. At that time, the man removed money from the account and is willing to proceed with criminal charges.

Missing rings

A Murray Hill Road woman told police someone stole two rings from her house between July 4 and July 5. She said she removed the rings July 4 to cook, and put the rings on a holder above the kitchen sink. She said when she went to put the rings back on, they were missing. The woman said she had several people at her house for the holiday but didn’t suspect anyone in particular. A police investigation revealed the woman believes the rings were lost.

Close call

There was a report of a broken car window at the intersection of Mamaroneck and Cooper roads. A village highway department employee said while he was using a village lawn mower a rock shot out and hit a car that was passing by. The driver showed the officer a broken passenger side rear window. There were no injuries.


A Boca Raton, Florida, woman was making a left turn onto Weaver Street July 16 but didn’t yield and hit a New Rochelle man’s car. As a result of the collision, the woman’s car hit the front of a Stamford, Connecticut, woman’s car. The man’s car then sideswiped the Connecticut woman’s car and also collided into the front of a Danbury, Connecticut, woman’s car.

A White Plains woman said she was driving on Fenimore Road while a Park Road woman was driving in the opposite direction July 18. According to the White Plains woman, the Park Road woman crossed the double yellow line and sideswiped her car. The White Plains woman turned around and followed the Park Road woman, who then hit a sign at the intersection of Fenimore and Brewster roads.

A Larchmont man was driving on Weaver Street July 18 and slowed to turn onto Hillandale Drive when he was rear-ended by a Valhalla man. There were no injuries.

A White Plains woman was driving on Butler Road July 18. She tried to make a left turn onto Parkfield Road just as a Yonkers man driving a mail truck tried to make a left turn onto Butler Road, causing the two cars to collide. The woman had the right of way because the man had a stop sign.

A Springdale Road woman said she was stopped at a red traffic light when she was rear-ended by a Yonkers woman on Fenimore Road July 18. The Yonkers woman said she was coming to a stop when her tires began to slide, causing her to rear-end the Springdale Road woman.

A Peekskill man was backing up on Boniface Circle and hit a parked car July 19. There weren’t any injuries and the man left a note on the parked car’s windshield.


Firefighters responded to a Lawrence Road house to investigate a report of carbon monoxide July 16. They found a nonambulatory resident on the ground level and detected readings on the ground and basement levels of the house. The Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps and Con Edison were called to respond. Firefighters ventilated the ground and second floor levels and shut down the hot water heater and boiler, then ventilated the basement.

There was a car accident at the intersection of Weaver Street and White Birch Lane July 16. One person was taken to the hospital and two cars were towed. Firefighters spread Speedy Dry for a small fluid spill.

An electrical pole on a Dolma Road property had a wire burning near the trees, which eventually caught fire, July 21. Firefighters used water to keep the fire from spreading to other trees. About 20 minutes after the fire was extinguished, it reignited from rubbing power lines. Firefighters used the same technique to knock the fire down and they also soaked the ground to prevent the mulch from igniting.


Scarsdale police received six false 911 calls between July 15 and July 22.

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