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A Farley Road man told police July 22 someone stole two of his credit cards and one bank card. He said he last used one of the cards June 25 in Greenburgh and he distinctly remembered putting the card back into his wallet. He went back home and later went to Eastchester. While out, his wallet was in a locked locker. When the man got back home, he received calls from his credit card companies regarding fraudulent charges. He checked his wallet and realized the cards were missing. There was no damage to his lock or the locker. One fraudulent charge was made in White Plains for $1,461.98. Two charges were made in New York City for about $6,000 and $11,000. The charges were reversed, and the man didn’t have any financial loss.

Identity theft

A Lebanon Road woman told police July 27 she was the victim of identity theft. She said she noticed some suspicious purchases on her account. When she looked back at bank statements for the last few months, she found that beginning May 2018 there were numerous purchases using her PayPal and Amazon accounts. In total, about $2,375 was stolen from her account. The woman is getting new cards from her bank.

Dog bites

Police responded to Farley Road July 23 on a report of a dog bite. A UPS driver said she was delivering a package when a dog bit her. The driver left the property and returned to her truck until police arrived. When officers arrived, the homeowner was talking to the driver and the dogs were behind a gate that surrounded the property. Police reported the dogs at no point were running in the street and the owner did not appear negligent in controlling them.

Suspicious activity

Police responded to a Cornell Street house July 25 and met with the woman who called. She said there was a series of incidents on her property that she wanted to document, but not have investigated, including a stolen package, criminal mischief and suspicious activity. The woman said someone cut off the net from the basketball hoop in her driveway. She was also supposed to have a package delivered via FedEx, which she said she believed was stolen from her doorstep because she had received an email confirmation that the package was delivered.

Stolen bike

A Mamaroneck Road man told police his bike was stolen July 26 when he left it unlocked outside of Greenacres Elementary School by the playground. The man said he had a lock around the bike but didn’t secure it to the fence.


A White Plains woman’s car was parked on Canterbury Road July 23. When she returned, she found damage to the rear driver’s side of the car.

A Larchmont woman said she was driving on Griffen Avenue July 26 when a Harrison man entered the roadway and didn’t allow the woman enough time or distance to avoid a collision. The man said he stopped at the stop sign and checked to see if the intersection was clear. He said he believed it was safe to go, so he proceeded to turn onto Griffen Avenue.

A White Plains man said he was driving on Post Road, approaching the intersection at Kingston Road July 26 when the car in front of his braked suddenly, forcing him to swerve off the road. He hit a sign and broke off his driver’s side mirror. His car was towed and there were no injuries.

A Madison Road man parked his car on Sage Terrace July 28 but it rolled toward a Sage Terrace house. The man got into the car and tried to put it into park, but the car rolled onto a lawn.


Scarsdale police received eight false 911 calls between July 22 and July 29.


An outside water spigot was left on, causing water to pool near the foundation of a Walworth Avenue house July 24. A firefighter turned the spigot off, but water leaked through the foundation into the basement. The homeowner was advised to call an insurance company.

Firefighters responded to a report of a burning odor in an Edgewood Road garage July 24. They found a tripped breaker in the basement panel, and the smell was traced to an overheated pump motor. They unplugged the pump and reset the breaker.

Water infiltrated a Hillview Drive house July 24 when a pump failed to work properly. Firefighters cleared the water and told the homeowner to contact a plumber.

A dump truck was stuck on the shoulder of Post Road July 26. A tow truck was called, and firefighters and police blocked traffic until the truck was removed.

Firefighters responded to a Herkimer Road house July 28 on a report of a hissing sound from the gas meter. They checked the basement but didn’t find any gas or CO readings and didn’t hear a hissing sound. Con Edison followed up with the resident.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from July 22 to July 29, was compiled from official information.

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