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Jason R. Gordon, 44, of Popham Road, turned himself into police Oct. 5 after a complaint was made regarding his violation of an order of protection issued by the Scarsdale police. The reported violation took place in the playground area of Hyatt Field on Boulevard. Gordon was charged with two counts each of criminal contempt in the second degree and endangering the welfare of a child. He posted $5,000 cash bail and was ordered to appear in court on Nov. 4.

Rooster noise complaints

A Brewster Road resident Oct. 5 told police the roosters living in her neighborhood are so loud they’re interrupting her Zoom meetings. Patrol went to the roosters’ residence and stayed awhile, reporting no bird sounds and no visible chickens. The complaint was marked unfounded. The caller contacted police again on Oct. 10 to report the noisy birds. Police in the area again said they heard no chickens. The Brewster Road resident complained again on Oct. 11. Patrol canvassed the area but heard no roosters crowing.  

Needles in the driveway

Police responded to a Bradley Road residence Oct. 5 on a report of a needle found in the driveway. Police located the item, which was capped, halfway up the driveway. It was collected and brought to Scarsdale Volunteer Ambulance Corps for proper disposal. Due to an uptick of reports of this nature, police plan to increase patrols in the area.

Pool water in the street

Police responded to Franklin Road on Oct. 5 on a report of pooling water; they saw water from a garden hose flowing onto Harvest Drive from a property on Franklin Road. The homeowner was contacted and advised it was a violation of village code to drain pool water onto streets and sidewalks. The situation was corrected immediately and a warning issued.

Argument with daughter

Police responded Oct. 6 to a Colvin Road residence after a mother called to say she was fighting with her daughter. Both parties said the argument was settled before police arrived. The mother said she was going to go to bed.

Property lost and found

A person went to the police station Oct. 6 to turn in a ring found early that morning near the Scarsdale train station at Depot Plaza. Police photographed the “Tiffany” ring they valued at $1 and put it in the locker for safekeeping.

A wallet found on East Parkway Oct. 6 was reunited with its owner who drove from the Bronx to provide evidence it was his wallet. He checked the wallet in the presence of police and said nothing was missing.

A man riding his bike Oct. 9 in the vicinity of the police and fire station on Tompkins Road turned into police an iPhone he found valued at $1,000. Because of the phone’s security features, police were unable to contact its owner. The phone remained at police headquarters for safekeeping.

The dog is safe

A woman who accidentally locked her car keys, phone and her dog in her car while parked in front of Scarsdale Spencer Pharmacy Oct. 6 was aided by police. The woman said she couldn’t remember her husband’s phone number, which was stored on her phone; police were able to contact him and waited until he arrived with a spare key. The dog was fine.

Hits stop sign, speeds off 

Police responded to the northeast corner of the intersection of Crossway and Weaver Street Oct. 10 where a stop sign was lying flat on the ground, impeding traffic. A bystander said he heard a loud noise and saw a small, dark colored SUV speed away on Weaver Street. A temporary stop sign was placed at the location and the highway department was notified.

Car larcenies

A man called police from Harwood Court Oct. 6 to report an iPad used for work was stolen from his car, but nothing else was missing. There was no sign of forced entry of the car. The owner of the iPad, who was notified of the theft, asked for a police report to document the incident.

A Madison Road man reported Oct. 11 that $50 in cash and some personal documents were stolen from his parked car, which he left unlocked in his driveway. No damage to the car was reported. A report was made.

Car accidents

A two-car accident occurred Oct. 6 on Griffen Avenue when a Mini Cooper traveling south on Griffen Avenue attempted to turn east onto Grand Park Road. A Toyota heading west was stopped at the stop sign. The Toyota proceeded through the stop sign while failing to yield the right of way to the Mini Cooper. The two collided. Police assisted in an information exchange.

The driver of an ambulance on a medical call at Paddington Road struck a tree while backing into the driveway Oct. 7. The driver said branches on the tree blocked his line of sight. The tree was damaged. The homeowner was advised.

A two-car accident happened Oct. 8 on Griffen Avenue when one car rear-ended another. One driver said he stopped abruptly when the car in front of him unexpectedly hit the brakes and the car behind him ran into his own car. No injuries were reported.  

A school bus was involved in an accident on Post Road near Sprague Road Oct. 9. The bus was heading south on Post and readied to make a left turn onto Sprague when a truck heading south passed the bus on its right side and they collided. No injuries were reported.

Police and emergency personnel responded to a car accident on Mamaroneck Avenue and the Hutchinson River Parkway Oct. 12. On arrival police determined a car on the shoulder had struck and then rolled over the center median before falling onto the Mamaroneck Avenue underpass. One person was in the care of Harrison EMS. Police assisted the Westchester County police with traffic control and applied absorbent to a small fluid spill on the road. The car was removed by tow truck.

A driver who said his foot slipped off the brake hit a car in front of his car on Post Road and Boulevard Oct. 8 while both cars waited for the light to change. No injuries were reported and an exchange of information was made.

Delivery people take liberties

Police responded Oct. 7 to a Cushman Road residence on a report of unlawful entry. The homeowner said Whole Foods delivery personnel entered her house while making a delivery, although she never said they could come in. She told police her security camera showed the delivery personnel had carried three packages to the front door, put them down, looked inside, picked up the packages and brought them inside her house, entering through the unlocked door. She said they were inside for about two minutes and the camera footage showed them leaving empty handed. She said nothing appeared missing. The caller said she was in the shower when they delivered the packages, and she caught it all on camera.


A Coralyn Road resident reported Oct. 10 that he learned someone altered a check belonging to him dated 2018 and wrote a check for $6,400 to an unknown party. He said he discovered the suspicious check while reviewing his bank statements. He said he never wrote the check and has no idea who the check was made out to. He reported the matter to his bank, and police made a report.

A Crossway resident Oct. 7 reported someone applied for a mortgage in his name. He told police he never applied for a mortgage. He said he’s not out any money. His financial institution is investigating.

A Huntington Avenue resident Oct. 7 said he was contacted by a credit agency asking if he’d recently applied for a credit card. He said he hadn’t. At the same time, he discovered someone applied for two small business loans in his name. The attempts were unsuccessful and he asked police for no further action.

A Post Road resident Oct. 8 reported money was taken from an account by a scammer and there was identity theft as well. A report was made.


A caller reported Oct. 8 a sick raccoon chasing people in a parking lot on Wilmot Road. Police arrived, but saw no raccoon.

An Autenrieth Road resident reported Oct. 8 a coyote sunning itself in her yard for two hours. It appeared alert to noises and motions and did not appear sick or injured. Police informed the caller the animal could be dispatched if it were sick or injured. She said she didn’t want that. She said it moved around her yard, following the sun. If it became a problem, she said she would contact a local trapper.

A Taunton Road resident Oct. 8 reported a coyote in her backyard. The animal left before police arrived. The homeowner was given the number of a professional trapper.

Party animals

A Seneca Road resident complained Oct. 10 about loud music in the neighborhood. Police responded and found two small gatherings in progress down the street. The hosts were advised of the complaint and agreed to lower the volume.

Police responded to Whig Road Oct. 10 on a report of a loud party. Upon arrival, police spoke with a young woman who said her mother said she could have friends over while her mom was out to dinner. She said she would turn the music down and her friends would leave. Police spoke with the mom on the phone who said it was true her daughter had permission to have some friends over. She said she would finish her dinner and return home at which point she would talk to her daughter.

Terminated employee won’t leave

Police responded to a business on Freightway Oct. 10 after management complained about a terminated employee who wouldn’t leave. The man told police he was there to collect his wages. The manager said employees are paid every Friday and he would mail the man his check. The ex-employee agreed to that arrangement and no further action was taken.

Trump sign stolen

A Stonehouse Road resident on Oct. 11 reported two Trump signs were stolen from her lawn. She requested extra patrol ride-bys to deter any such incident from happening again.

Large dog, aggressive owner

Police responded to Lyons Road Oct. 11 after a woman reported a man with an aggressive dog. She said as she was pulling into her driveway, a man with a large black dog was standing on her lawn. When she said get off the property, he became confrontational and yelled at her. He said, “The first 10 feet are public” and he is “entitled” to use them. She called police. She said he filmed her and yelled, “Help!” while standing in the street. She said she followed him in her car to see where he went. Police advised her not to engage with him in the future and if he enters her property again, she should call police. She said she last saw him in Davis Park. Police looked for him without success. 


An odor of gas was reported in the laundry room of a house on Mamaroneck Road Oct. 5. A slight leak was found in the gas line to the dryer. The gas was shut off and Con Edison was contacted.

Smoke was coming from under the hood of a Toyota Camry traveling on the Hutch River Parkway southbound Oct. 8. The cause was determined to be an overheated engine. Three hundred and fifty gallons of water were used to cool off the engine’s hot spot. After the engine had cooled, the car drove off.

Firefighters responded to Brookby Road Oct. 11 on a report of an odor of gas inside a house. The resident said the heat wouldn’t turn on; it was determined the batteries were dead in the thermostat. Fire personnel changed the batteries and the heat came back on.

A gas leak was reported Oct. 12 at a house on Dolma Road when a light odor of gas was smelled on the first and second floors of the residence. The caretaker for the property said three pilot lights for natural gas were lit. Con Edison identified several leaks in the distribution piping and shut off the service valve. The homeowner and caretaker were advised of the process necessary to fix the problem.

A wheelchair bound woman was trapped under a desk at her home on Axtell Road Oct. 12. Firefighters used wedges and halligans to lift the desk enough to free the chair, which was stuck under the desk. The woman was evaluated on scene by ambulance personnel. She was uninjured.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from Oct. 5 to Oct. 12, was compiled from official information.

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