Marc Samwick George Latimer

Mayor Marc Samwick with County Executive George Latimer

In a televised press conference in White Plains on June 18, Westchester County Executive George Latimer invited Scarsdale Mayor Marc Samwick to update the county on what the local government in Scarsdale had done to manage the fiscal implications of the pandemic, while also readying the community for a reopening.

“The community is known as one of the best run communities in Westchester County,” said Latimer. “It’s got a very wealthy population, a very well educated population [and] high level of public services.”

Samwick recapped what the village had done to combat the fiscal implications during the pandemic, such as critically analyzing essential services, moving the budget into an austerity mode and running financial impact scenarios to realize potential revenue losses.

With Westchester moving into Phase 2 on June 11 and a planned Phase 3 approaching, Samwick said the village was starting to reevaluate previously postponed services such as food scrap recycling pickup, which is set to start up again next week.

“We were able to move through and navigate,” said Samwick. “So now as we look at reopening, we’re following phases as everyone else [is] and we are trying to help our merchants and help our residents.”

In order to help merchants, the village amended code to allow merchants to sell wares on public sidewalks and approved the setup of a 3,000-square-foot tent on Spencer Place for patrons to dine outdoors.

“We’re seeking as much of a return to normalcy with responsible behavior as possible,” said Samwick. “Come to Scarsdale, our restaurants are open. We’d love to have you.”

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