New undercover vehicle aids police in larceny arrest

The undercover car was recently donated to SPD.

Police responded Jan. 12 to a Fairview Road home on a report of a black male wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and gray sweatpants standing and smoking a cigarette in the driveway. Upon arrival, police checked the area and noticed a burning Newport cigarette next to a black SUV parked in the driveway. They spoke with a woman who said she was inside her house when she looked outside and saw the man. She said she armed her house alarm and began clicking the alarm buttons on her car keys. When her car alarm activated the man quickly ran away, heading east on Fairview Road.

The resident went outside to check her vehicle and noticed her black Prada purse was stolen and her glove box was tossed and left open. She said the purse contained an orange Prada wallet, a New York State driver’s license, several credit cards, several gift cards, a $100 bill, a case for glasses, a phone charger and other miscellaneous papers. Police provided her with paperwork to file a police report about the incident.

As the resident completed the paperwork, police remained outside the residence making sure the cigarette, which was evidence, was not tampered with. As police waited for the arrival of the White Plains Police Department’s K-9 unit, other officers arrived on scene to photograph the cigarette and later place it into evidence.

After multiple units could not find the suspect, the patrol supervisor instructed all units to leave the area except for one undercover officer. The officer was in an undercover vehicle donated to the department by Esurance insurance company in late December.

After all units left the area, the suspect came out from hiding and the undercover officer spotted him. Officers stopped the man on Oxford Road near Post Road and arrested him after the resident confirmed the man’s identity to police.

The K-9 unit began searching for the stolen items and later found them scattered in the backyard of a separate Fairview Road house. A separate unidentified witness added his statement to the record, telling police he saw a man matching the description running through a backyard and onto Eton Road. The witness said when the man saw him, the man stopped running and began walking west on Eton Road.

Judge Alemany arraigned the man that night. Police transported the defendant to Westchester County Jail where he was being held on $15,000 bail.

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