Pay ’n go with Pango parking app?

Meters on Scarsdale Avenue in Eastchester are equipped with the Pango secure payment system controlled by a mobile device application, but also accept coins for parking.

Paying for downtown parking may soon become more efficient if the Scarsdale Village Board approves a recommendation to sign a contract with parking application vendor Pango.

The village manager’s office has been working for several months to upgrade parking meters with equipment from several vendors. The three top contenders — Pango, Pay by Phone and Park Mobile — would work seamlessly with the village’s Complus Data system, which allows police officers and parking enforcement offices to identify which meters are expired and write tickets using handheld devices in real time.

In addition, Pango and Pay by Phone each offer the option to pay for a parking ticket through the app.

However, Pay by Phone was not able to show commuters the location of vacant parking spaces — something Pango and Park Mobile can do.

All three options provide free customer service.

According to recent parking survey results, many village residents are familiar with the Park Mobile app. However, Pango is used in the villages of Bronxville, Tuckahoe and the Town of Eastchester, which are contiguous to Scarsdale.

According to the village manager’s office, the village will be responsible for installing all signs and parking meter identification stickers associated with the Pango app, and, because the  public works department is able to do that work, the cost to the village would be nominal.

A decision on a contract with Pango was on the board of trustees’ agenda for Nov. 27, but was held over when the board asked the village manager’s office to do more research, according to assistant village manager Ingrid Richards. The contract includes a three-year commitment, with an option for renewal after two years. If the village is not satisfied with Pango’s service, it has the option to terminate the contract upon written notice to the vendor.

Richards said the village has not placed the parking app contract on any future agendas at this time as the village manager’s office continues its research.

Once the trustees agree to a contract, the village should be able to deploy the parking app within two months, and current village parking codes will continue in effect once the parking app is installed. The parking enforcement officers’ handheld ticket devices will notify them when a parking meter is expired, Richards said.

The village manager’s office tested multi-space meters as part of a parking meter pilot program, but decided to forgo that option in the downtown because, according to public feedback, the meters were “too inconvenient, confusing and time consuming” for village drivers. Single-space meters will allow drivers to insert coins, use their credit cards or use the parking app.

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