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Police responded to a report of concern about safety May 4 at Quaker Ridge School on Weaver Street when a line of cars arrived for a teacher appreciation event. Police reported the teacher appreciation drive-by event, planned by the school PTA, was concluding, but directed the event participants inside the cars holding signs out of their windows to adhere to safe practices. No further action was taken.

Socially distanced

More than 20 people were observed May 5 on the track and soccer field at Scarsdale High School near Post Road.

Teens, who had been reported May 7 for playing ball behind the school on Weaver Street and not social distancing, were staying 6 feet apart when police arrived. No further action was taken. 

Eight teens walking close to each other and not wearing masks were reported on Kingston and Montrose roads on May 7. Police looked for the teens but didn’t see them. Other people were seen walking around exhibiting proper social distancing.

A Huntington Avenue caller on May 9 reported someone had removed bags covering basketball hoops and were playing on the court at Greenacres field. Police went to the area and told the players to leave.

Suspicious activities

Police responded to a Johnson Road residence May 4 on a report from the homeowner that she found multiple hypodermic needles in her front yard. Police collected one needle from an area near the curb and put it in a sharps container for disposal at police headquarters.

Two hypodermic needles were reported May 5 on Bradley Road. Police found them in the street and removed them for disposal.

A Garden Road resident reported a number of cars parked at the village water tower on May 4. Patrol saw three cars and three women who said they were admiring the weather.

A Fox Meadow Road woman called 911 on May 5 to say there was a woman screaming outside her house. Police searched the area with negative results. 

A Carstensen Road woman May 8 said she thought someone had been inside her house while she was out. She said when she got home there was a light on upstairs. She didn’t remember turning on any lights. Police checked the house and found nothing unusual.

A Roosevelt Place caller on May 9 said there was a car circling the school that seemed to be suspicious. Police drove around the area but noticed nothing shady.

No mask, no service

The employee of a business on Scarsdale Avenue reported squabbling with a customer inside the store on May 6. The employee told police he refused the man service because he appeared intoxicated and wouldn’t cover his face. The employee told police he knew the man from earlier encounters and said in the past he had been intoxicated and disorderly. Police explained to the customer why he was refused service. He agreed to leave the store.

Stolen car recovered

A 37-year-old Johnson Road man reported May 5 a leased 2020 four-door black Nissan Maxima he parked on the street near his father’s residence went missing between the hours of 10:30 p.m. on May 1 and 9:30 a.m. May 2. Police later reported the car, valued at $30,000, was recovered. The man’s Florida driver’s license and his iPhone, valued at approximately $800, were reported stolen from inside the car.

Assistance rendered

A young, intoxicated man reported in need of assistance at Depot Place on May 5 was located by police who reported he was intoxicated but not in need of assistance.

A Brite Avenue man on May 7 said someone was leaving inappropriate messages on his family’s shared phone plan via text message. He said when he attempted to block the number connected to the incoming texts, his service provider told him he needed to file a police report.

Police responded to an Overhill Road residence on May 8 on a report from a woman who said her adult son was banging on the door and wouldn’t leave. The son was gone by the time police arrived. Officers spoke with the father, who concurred with the mother that their son could not come in the house. Police contacted the son who said he would take a taxi to a hotel in White Plains where he would stay for a few days.

Bicycle reported lost is found

A man said he left his orange mountain bike unlocked at the CVS on Popham Road on May 5; when he came out of the store, he couldn’t find it. Shortly after, he found the bike around the corner. The bike was fine and no action was taken.

Criminal mischief

Damage to the women’s restroom was reported May 7 at the comfort station by the tennis courts near Scarsdale High School on Wayside Lane; the door to the bathroom was forced open, damaging the door frame and the jamb. The Park and Recreation Department foreman said the toilet lid was smashed and scattered across the floor. Photos and a deposition were taken. Damages to the door and jamb are estimated to be $800; the lid is $200.

Not a police matter

A Park Road man on May 7 reported a violation of a Family Court agreement. He said his former wife was mandated by the court to return an item valued at $250,000 but she refused. He told police he has emails from her saying she has the item. The man was advised this is not a police matter and to take it up with Family Court and his own attorney.

Car accidents

A caller reported May 7 his car parked on East Parkway in front of Martine’s Bakery was struck by another car. Police facilitated an information exchange between the two drivers. No injuries were reported, only property damage.

A USPS driver said on May 9 he backed into a parked, unattended car on Brewster Road. He said he spoke briefly with the owner of the car and told her of the collision. He said she refused to interact with him due to the pandemic and went inside her house. Police knocked on her door, but she wouldn’t answer. Police gave the accident report paperwork to the operator of the USPS truck and put forms in the mail slot of the residence. 

A one-car accident happened May 10 when a man driving a Dodge van traveling southbound on Church Lane near Wayside veered off the road and struck a fire hydrant. The driver said he was distracted when he accidentally spilled a bottle of water on himself. The driver could provide neither insurance nor registration. The van belongs to the United States Postal Service. The fire department reported no water was flowing from the main due to the struck hydrant. The water department was notified.

A woman called police on May 8 to report an erratic driver cut her off on Olmsted Road near Brewster Road; she said the driver got out of his car and started arguing with her. She described the car as a gray hatchback occupied by four men. Police searched the area but found no such car.


A Copper Beech Lane man reported May 7 a large raccoon wandering on his property and into the street. He said he wasn’t sure it was a raccoon as he didn’t get close enough. Police advised him to contact a professional trapper should other wild animals show up on his property. Police canvassed the area but didn’t see any raccoons or any other wild creatures.

A cat often wandering onto the property of a Copper Beech Lane man continues to upset the man who often calls police. He reported the cat on his property again on May 10. The cat’s owner was contacted; he said he was thinking of getting a leash for the cat. There is no village code citation that is applicable to this situation. Officers advised the caller to call police with further complaints and not argue with the neighbor.

Blame the high wind

A Corell Road woman said her alarm went off close to midnight on May 7 and her side door was wide open. Police arrived to check the house and all appeared in good order. The woman said she wasn’t sure the door was locked and it was possible the wind blew it open.

An alarm that went off at a Lincoln Road house May 8 frightened the homeowner who said she was too scared to check on the situation. Police responded and found everything was in good order.

High winds were blamed for a fallen construction fence on Mamaroneck Road May 9. The fence partially blocked a lane of traffic on the road’s eastbound lane. The foreman of the Cum Laude Group said he would send an associate to secure the fence.


An Eastwoods Lane resident reported on May 4 an odor of gas coming from his oven. Firefighters responded and noticed the oven wasn’t lighting correctly. Con Edison on scene advised the resident to contact a repair service and not to use the oven.

A Stonewall Circle resident reported an oven fire on May 7. Automatic aid was offered from the Fairview Fire District who reported the condition under control and that Scarsdale Fire personnel weren’t needed.

Units responded to a multiunit residence on Popham Road May 9 for an activated CO alarm. The ground floor resident did not show signs of CO poisoning although the reading was high in the home. Units checked the basement, the boiler room and the trash compactor room. Hallways were cleared. A chauffeur using a gas-fired power washer in a basement garage on Overhill Avenue was told to shut down the power washers, which were the source of the problem. The basement roof bulkhead was opened to vent the area, as well as stairwell and lobby doors. A cleaning crew was advised to shut down the power washers because of exposure to CO to adjacent buildings.

This report was made using official police reports from the Scarsdale Police and Fire departments covering the period of May 4 through May 11.

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