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Police responded to Brewster and Harcourt roads Feb. 15 on a report of a small white and beige dog reported running loose. Police were not able to locate any dogs in the area.

A dead cat was reported in the road Feb. 17 at Fenimore and Post roads. On arrival police moved the cat out of the roadway and notified the highway department.

A Harvest Drive woman Feb. 17 told police about a coyote in her yard. Police saw the animal, which ran off. It did not appear to be sick or injured.

Identity theft

A Benedict Road caller Feb. 16 reported being notified by the Department of Labor about a fraudulent claim for unemployment using his name.

A Penn Road caller Feb. 17 told police he was advised by the Department of Labor he was a victim of a fake unemployment benefits claim. He said he is reporting the matter to the Federal Trade Commission.

A Berwick Road caller Feb. 19 reported he’s an identity theft victim after being notified someone fraudulently applied for unemployment benefits using his name. He said he received a debit card in the mail from a local bank linked to his benefits. He was unable to speak to anyone at that bank to cancel the account. He was advised what steps to take.

A Burgess Road woman Feb. 19 had a similar problem but was unable to cancel the bank account. She is in communication with the Department of Labor.

A Swarthmore Road man Feb. 19 reported fraudulent claims made in his name for unemployment were thwarted by the Department of Labor.

Who took down the “Happy Birthday” sign?

A Montrose Road resident Feb. 16 told police a large “Happy Birthday” sign on display in the front yard was removed by an unknown person. The caller said the sign cost $150 and no one saw or heard anyone come on the property. Later, the caller contacted police to report the sign had been removed by the sign company.

Attempt to gain access

A Garden Road resident Feb. 17 told police a man attempted to gain entry to her house claiming to work for the water department. When she said no, he left. Police contacted the water department on her behalf and learned there was no work order issued for that address on that date. She described the man as in his 20s wearing a coat and a mask. She said when he left, he walked south on Garden Road. A canvass of cameras in the area was completed.

Stolen car?

A caller reported to police Feb. 17 her car had been stolen from the Bronx and the vehicle’s locater application showed it was in Scarsdale at Popham and Tisdale roads. NYPD was on the call. Police went to the location to look for the car, but it was gone. Dispatch was advised later the caller’s friend was able to locate the car. 

Confusion around contractor

A White Road resident Feb. 18 said two men were at her door wanting to install a gas meter. As they were not in a Con Edison truck and were driving a gray SUV, the caller doubted the authenticity of the request and asked for police assistance. Police determined the men work for Precision Pipeline and are Con Edison subcontractors; there was a work order issued for the caller’s gas meter as well as meters on other White Road residences. The workers said if the caller denied the request to complete the work, she would be required to contact Con Edison to reschedule. She said she would do that.

Uncapped pipe

A woman out walking her dog Feb. 18 called police to report she saw a pipe in the roadway missing its cover. Police on arrival saw a public water service line missing its cap on Madison Road near Tunstall Road. The missing cap could not be located. Police stood by until the highway department arrived to address the issue.

Dog bites dog

A Montgomery Road woman Feb. 18 told police her dog was attacked and bitten by another dog while she walked it on Boulevard. She said she couldn’t separate the dogs and the other dog’s owner had to call off his dog. Due to her dog’s thick coat, she couldn’t determine if it was injured; later, she found two bites on her dog and took it to her veterinarian. Police responded to the house where the other dog lives and spoke to the owner who said when he opened his garage door, his dog ran out. The dog owner did not have his dog’s vaccine information and police said he would have to provide it. According to public health laws, his dog must be confined for 10 days and an animal bite card was completed and sent to the proper authorities. 

Snowplow damaged car?

A Sprague Road resident Feb. 20 told police her car was struck by a snowplow. She said it happened overnight when her car was parked in her own driveway; the damage appeared to be caused by a snow bank pushed into the rear of her car. Nothing indicated to police upon arrival what type of vehicle had pushed the snow bank into her car. She was advised to follow up with her insurance company.

Who took the MacBook?

A Johnson Road man went to police headquarters Feb. 20 to report he ordered an Apple MacBook laptop from Costco but it never arrived. He said he had the item shipped to a Delaware-based company with an expected December 2020 arrival date. He requested a police report so Costco would refund his money.

Car break-in spree

A Gaylor Road resident contacted police Feb. 20 to report his locked Acura parked in the driveway was rummaged through overnight. In the morning he saw the door was unlocked and slightly open. He said the car did not appear damaged and nothing of value was taken.

Another Gaylor Road resident Feb. 20 said her car was broken into and a few hundred dollars in cash money stolen. She said her wallet, which was in the car, was not taken, only the money.

A third Gaylor Road resident Feb. 20 said quarters were taken from his car. He didn’t know how much was taken or if the car had been locked. On Feb. 21 the resident called police again to report that, after further consideration, he realized his registration and insurance cards were missing.


Firefighters responded to Barry Road Feb. 17 for a possible electrical fire reported extinguished. On arrival, they found no active fire. A call for automatic aid was cancelled and volunteers. Firefighters checked an upstairs bedroom and found an old power strip that shorted out. The strip wasn’t overloaded, but the homeowner saw sparks and smoke coming from behind the dresser where the television was plugged in. Power was shut to the strip, the electrical panel checked but there was no tripped breaker. The homeowner said there’d been a power problem with the TV. Responders advised the homeowner to call an electrician and have the TV looked at as well.

An unused gas pipe on Fairview Road brought firefighters to a house Feb. 19. On arrival they found contractors working directly next to a gas detector that activated and summoned fire personnel. The contractors capped the unused pipe and remnants of gas activated the alarm. The area was metered and results were negative. Con Edison arrived on scene and fire personnel were released.

A cooking fire reported at Moscato Restaurant on Scarsdale Avenue Feb. 19 was caused by burnt food. There was no active fire; an automatic alarm went off, summoning fire personnel. The manager was advised to ventilate the area and reset the system.

Firefighters responded to Heathcote Road Feb. 21 on a report of an odor inside and out of natural gas. Levels were metered in an adjacent storm drain and sanitary sewer and Con Edison Gas was requested. They checked the building and nearby area and firefighters were released from the scene.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department from Feb. 15 to Feb. 21, was compiled from official information.

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