LPR Camera officer Henriquez.jpg

Parking Enforcement Officer Christian Henriquez demonstrates the capabilities of the license plate reader installed on the police vehicle.

A Scarsdale police cruiser retrofitted with a new license plate reader technology moved out of beta on June 1 and will be scanning cars on the Scarsdale village streets and parking garages. Scarsdale has 1,050 recorded parking spots.

The new technology, manufactured by Genetec and supplied by SecureWatch24, cost $64,000 and can scan license plates to check for permits, scofflaw and overtime parking using digital chalking technology.

The introduction of the technology was mainly to enact “digital permitting,” according to Josh Ringel, assistant to the village manager.

LPR Camera car.jpg

The new system has been installed on the parking enforcement vehicle.

In May, the village introduced electronically recorded parking permits for vehicles, excluding motorcycles and scooters. The village wanted to use electronic permitting to make the process easier for residents to obtain a permit from the village, remove the fee for residents losing their paper permits, and crack down on residents using copies of paper permits to outwit parking enforcement officers.

The village also hopes that the addition of electronic permitting and the use of the license plate reader technology will result in additional parking compliance from residents.

The camera on the police vehicle uses sensors to capture license plates, which are then photographed and catalogued in a server. If the camera captures a vehicle that does not have a permit or is overtime in a parking area, the parking enforcement officer driving the vehicle can then issue a ticket.

The village generates approximately $600,000 a year from parking fees and tickets. The money is considered general fund revenue and is used for general government purposes.

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