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Police went to a home on Blackhawk Road Feb. 12 where the victim, a 56-year-old woman, reported identity theft, forgery and grand larceny. She said she received mail from her bank a few days earlier showing a check transaction for $6,500 which she did not issue. She contacted the bank and traced the transaction to a check she wrote for her mailman as a holiday gift. She left the check for him in her mailbox Dec. 26 and believes it was stolen from her mailbox and manipulated. Police are investigating.

A Brite Avenue woman told police Feb. 12 an unknown person attempted to cash checks with her name on them that she never authorized. Her bank flagged the checks, which were not stolen or “washed,” but rendered versions of her actual checks. She’s not out any money and the transactions weren’t approved.


A 71-year-old Haverford Avenue man became the victim of identity theft and grand larceny, telling police Feb. 14 he got a statement for a credit card he never applied for. The balance due on the card was close to $43,000. The card was used in multiple locations in the county in the month of January. At the same time he was also contacted by the Department of Labor regarding an unemployment claim he never filed for. He is working with the issuer of the fraudulently used card and has advised them his wife is also a victim.

Unemployment scams

Multiple fraudulent claims for unemployment were reported to police between Feb. 8 and Feb. 13, including residents of Continental Road, Sheldrake Road, Aspen Road, Fayette Road, Meadow Road, Mamaroneck Road, Magnolia Road, Old Lyme Road and Lebanon Road. Reports were made.

Con Edison con

A 33-year-old Mamaroneck Road woman told police Feb. 12 she got a text from her realtor, who received it from another realtor. The text was purportedly from Con Edison alleging she needed to make a payment or have her service terminated. She called the number given and spoke to someone she believed was with Con Edison. She was then connected to an alleged supervisor who told her to make a $500 Zelle payment. She said some of her personal information was also collected at this time. She didn’t realize until after she made the payment she’d been scammed. She confirmed with Con Edison she doesn’t owe money and they would never collect payment in that manner or collect personal information from a customer.

Yes, this is Con Edison

A Cushman Road caller Feb. 10 told police someone was outside her door claiming to be from Con Edison. The caller didn’t believe the person and asked police to check. Police arrived and spoke with a technician with a company authorized to work with Con Edison. He also showed them his Con Edison identification. He said he was supposed to come inside the home to check the gas meter, but the homeowner told police she didn’t want him coming in. He said the homeowner could schedule an appointment to check the meter. Police spoke with the man’s supervisor to advise him of the situation.

Found property

Police went to Christie Place Feb. 11 after a Yonkers man reported finding three credit cards he wished to turn over to police for safekeeping. Police left a message for the possible owner of the cards, which were photographed and vouchered.

A citizen came to police headquarters on Tompkins Road to turn in a wallet found somewhere in Scarsdale Feb. 11. Police attempted to locate the wallet’s owner using documents found inside the wallet, but were unsuccessful. The property was vouchered for safekeeping.

Erratic driving leads to DWI charge

Renzo Mendoza, 40, from Larchmont, was arrested Feb. 9 charged with driving while intoxicated with alcohol with a prior conviction, driving without a valid license, refusing to take the chemical test, aggravated DWI with a B.A.C. over .18 %, operating a car with a suspended registration and circumventing the Interlock device. His gray Subaru Legacy was impounded.

Mendoza was stopped on Whig Road near Berwick Road after patrol received a report of an erratic driver on Heathcote Road traveling west and then north on Church Lane. At the traffic stop, damage was observed on the front fender and bumper and an unopened alcoholic beverage was on the front passenger seat. Mendoza was asked to get out of the car and perform a field sobriety test, which he failed. He refused to take the Alco-Sensor prescreening test, at which time he was placed under arrest and transported to police headquarters where he agreed to take the DataMaster test. He was released on his own recognizance and returns to court Feb. 24.

Coyote sighting

A caller reported seeing a coyote near a child care center Feb. 8 in the vicinity of Myrtledale and Bansom roads. Police looked, but no coyote was seen. That same day, a Ferncliff Road caller reported seeing a coyote in the area. Again, no coyote was seen by police. On Feb. 9 a Stratton Road caller said he saw a coyote in the vicinity of Stratton and Franklin roads.

Deer walked away

A Cooper Road caller Feb. 9 reported an injured deer in her backyard. Upon police arrival, the deer got up and walked away.

Rough delivery

A Brookby Road resident Feb. 8 reported a deliveryman left a large box on a pallet in his driveway, blocking his exit. Police arrived and saw a large box on a pallet stuck in the snow. The driver said he couldn’t bring it closer until more snow was removed. The homeowner removed more snow and the delivery driver moved the box closer to the man’s garage and out of the driveway.


A Varian Lane caller Feb. 9 reported a sinkhole in front of his house. The water department arrived and police saw water flowing in the roadway from Varian Lane to Garden Road. No hazardous condition was reported at the time and police said there was no sinkhole. The water department said they’d correct the situation.

Appointment necessary

An Old Lyme Road caller said on Feb. 11 someone was attempting to break into his generator. Police arrived and spoke with the homeowner and also a man who works for a company that services generators. The man said he was there for service. The homeowner said he never made an appointment for service and did not want the man on his property at the time. The man said no appointment was made because his supervisor didn’t have a phone contact for the homeowner on file. He was advised to make contact with clients before showing up. He left the scene without further incident.

Cease contact

A Wildwood Road homeowner and his window contractor were advised by police to cease direct contact Feb. 11 after the homeowner reported an argument he had with the contractor where he accused the contractor of verbal aggression. The contractor said he would no longer be doing business with this person and there would be no further contact.

Mother and daughter argue

A Greenacres Avenue caller told police Feb. 12 she felt unsafe in her home after a family argument. Police spoke with the caller’s mother, who said she’d disagreed with her daughter over a food order. She said her daughter left the residence. Police found the daughter walking around the neighborhood; she said she left the house to let things cool off. Both mother and daughter agreed tensions were high due to the pandemic and agreed to stay in separate rooms for the rest of the evening.

Loose change stolen from unlocked car

A Montrose Road man said some loose change and his garage door opener were stolen from his unlocked car parked in his driveway Feb. 13. He noticed something amiss when he saw the driver’s side front door was slightly open. He said he’s changing the code to enter his garage.

Trip to south Bronx cost more

An Uber driver parked on Spencer Place Feb. 13 said a fare wouldn’t get out of the car after he told her to leave. Police spoke to the woman, who was upset because she was told the trip to her destination was $5 more than she had anticipated. She was told her fare was more because she was going to the south Bronx. Police advised her of other transportation options and offered to call her a cab; she decided to go to the train station and left in a bad mood.

Car accidents

Due to weather-related rough road conditions, a driver lost control of the wheel and hit a tree on Drake Road and Forest Lane Feb. 8. As the crash actually occurred in New Rochelle, the New Ro police took over the scene. The driver wasn’t injured.

A two-car crash happened Feb. 10 at Heathcote and Kelwynne roads when a car stopped at a stop sign was struck by another car attempting to make a left turn. One car hit a telephone pole after it was impacted. No damage was reported to the pole. No injuries were reported, but there was property damage.

Another two-car crash happened Feb. 10 on Kensington Road near Cohawney when a parked, unoccupied car was sideswiped by a village-owned sanitation truck. The truck driver returned to the scene with his supervisor after viewing the damage. No injuries were reported.


Firefighters went to a home on Archer Lane Feb. 14 for a report of an odor inside the home. The house was thoroughly checked, but nothing obviously wrong could be found besides a nonworking heating unit. Service to the unit was shut down until it could be serviced.

Fire personnel went to Whig Road Feb. 14 for a problem with a boiler. They found a rusty exhaust pipe, which fell into pieces. The boiler was shut down until the homeowner can get it serviced.

A water condition was reported at a home on Boulevard Feb. 14. Firefighters saw the relief valve failed and the house was flooded. The unit was shut down and the homeowner was told to call for service.

The Akai Restaurant on Spencer Place reported a carbon monoxide problem Feb. 15. An exhaust pipe for the HVAC unit located in the drop ceiling was determined to be broken. Firefighters shut down portions of the unit and advised the manager to call for service.


This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from Feb. 9 to Feb. 15, was compiled from official information.

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