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Police responded to Brittany Close on a report of a burglary believed to have happened sometime in the afternoon or evening hours of April 9. The burglar or burglars appear to have entered the home by breaking a second floor window accessed from a balcony. Reported stolen are miscellaneous watches and jewelry valued at $400,000 and approximately $20,000 in cash. The damaged window is valued at $500. On arrival, police spoke with a family friend who was there to translate for the homeowner who is not an English speaker. The homeowner said she believes she was at home at the time of the burglary but did not know what happened until she went upstairs. Police searched the house but found no suspects. The master bedroom, closet, bathroom and office all appeared ransacked. The homeowner was unable to give a complete inventory of what was stolen and said she would contact the store overseas where the items were purchased to provide a detailed list. The incident is under investigation.

Jewelry possibly lost

An Oak Lane resident April 7 told police about jewelry she believed went missing in August 2020. She thought it was in the safe but when she checked on April 2 it wasn’t there. She thinks the items are lost but not stolen and asked a report be made for insurance purposes.

Unemployment fraud

A Stratton Road resident April 5 reported a fraudulent claim for unemployment was made in her son’s name. She’s acting on his behalf, she said, because he is out of town. Between April 5 and April 10, police received multiple reports of fraudulent unemployment claims affecting residents on Magnolia Road, Barry Road, Jefferson Road, Rectory Lane, Lincoln Road, Meadow Road, Sycamore Road, Rugby Lane, Ridgecrest West, Ardmore Road, Secor Road, Putnam Road and Murray Hill.

Arguments abound

Police responded to Fayette Road April 5 on a report of neighbors arguing. One man said things got out of hand after one neighbor stepped onto the other’s property and then yelled at his wife. Police spoke to all parties involved and advised them of ways to avoid further confrontations.

Police responded to a group home on Post Road April 5 on a report of two residents arguing. While police were present, a residential counselor mediated the situation. Both parties agreed to avoid and not interfere with each other. No further assistance was needed.

Knife in the bushes

Police took a report April 7 from a Stratton Road resident who found a 12-inch knife in her bushes. She said she asked her landscaper if it was his and he said it wasn’t. Police took the knife, which reportedly was very sharp, into safekeeping.

Suspicious behaviors

A caller reported April 7 a white Honda parked behind the pond on Potter Road. The caller said a woman with two kids in the car appeared to be handing things out to people who approached her car. The caller said this activity had been going on for days. Police responded to the location and saw the described car. They saw a mother with two children and other families. The Honda was parked in a no parking zone and the woman was asked to move her car. The highway department was advised to trim trees in the area, which obscured the no parking sign.

A Bradford Road resident April 8 called police to report a man he judged to be about 40 years old had knocked on his door asking for the man’s wife. When he asked what the man wanted, the man wouldn’t answer. The caller said the man paced around the property for a while and then got in a car and drove off on Weaver Street. Police looked for the described car with negative results.

A Dolma Road resident April 9 told police someone tried to steal wine delivered to his house. He said his neighbor saw a man in a black hooded sweatshirt approach his porch, but when the neighbor said something, the man fled, getting into a dark colored sedan heading east. A report was made.

Police responded to Bradford Road April 9 on a report someone rang the caller’s doorbell when she wasn’t expecting guests. Police found some teens in the area but they denied doorbell ringing.

Parks and Rec sign stolen

Police responded to Oakstwain Park April 7 on a report from the parks foreman that a “No Dogs Allowed” sign was stolen from the park. The sign is metal and is valued at $600. Police are investigating.

Feels threatened

A Madison Road woman told police April 7 someone she knows vaguely from her previous residence in Massachusetts was sending her threatening messages on Facebook. The caller said she recently moved back to Scarsdale after living in Massachusetts for 10 years. She told police something about a boyfriend who maybe has a girlfriend. Police looked at the messages and didn’t find them particularly threatening. The caller was advised to block her social media accounts and text messages.

Stolen bike

A red Schwinn mountain bike was reported stolen from in front of a store on Scarsdale Avenue April 7. The caller, a youth, said the theft occurred just 15 minutes before he called. The bike was valued at $250. Police took the report and the youth called his mother who arrived to drive him home.

Small dog found

A woman brought a small male poodle-mix dog to police headquarters April 9. She said she found the dog in the vicinity of Post and Dickel roads. She said she took the dog to a local vet to see if it was microchipped. It wasn’t. There were no reports of missing dogs in the vicinity. The New Rochelle Humane Society was contacted and took the dog to the shelter.

Bobcat won’t start

A man called police April 9 because his Bobcat brand mini-excavator wouldn’t start. It was parked on Cayuga Street. He said there might have been an issue with the fuel line. He placed safety tape around it as a warning to drivers and pedestrians. He was advised if he can’t get it to start he’ll have to have it towed from the street. 

Teens dispersed

Police responded to Butler Woods on Fox Meadow Road April 9 on a report of teens having a campfire. The teens were located and advised due to the late hour they needed to leave the park. They left without incident. There was no campfire.

A caller April 9 reported a loud party on Hampton Road; police responded and found teens on the playground of Fox Meadow Elementary School. They were told they aren’t allowed to be in the park after dark and left.

Dogs set off alarm

A Reimer Road resident April 10 reported hearing a loud noise at their house that set off the alarm. On arrival, police found everything appeared in good order. The homeowner said the alarm company called to say it was an activated interior motion detector; the homeowner thought it was probably set off by his rowdy and playful dogs.

Item purchased, order never fulfilled

A Post Road resident April 11 told police on March 1 he purchased a digital download code for the video game known as Alien Isolation for X-Box One. He bought it from a private seller on a site he found online. He paid $17 for the download, but when he went to activate the code, he learned it had already been redeemed by another party. When he contacted the website to file his complaint, he was told he needed a police report to get his money refunded.


No injuries were reported at the scene of a hit-and-run accident April 6 on Popham Road and East Parkway. The reporting party said the other involved vehicle was a Budget rental truck last seen on East Parkway traveling north.

A caller told police April 6 while he was in Depot Plaza he was nearly struck by a man on a motorcycle. He said it happened in a parking area where there were plenty of spots and there was no need for the man to come so close. There was no confrontation nor injuries. He was unable to describe the make or model of the motorcycle or any description of the rider other than saying he was an older male.

A two-car crash happened April 6 on Fox Meadow Road. No one was injured. R&D Towing removed both cars.

A two-car accident with no injuries reported occurred April 10 on Post and Popham roads when a driver’s car pulled into the road, failed to yield to traffic, and struck another car. Police assisted with an information exchange.

Twenty teens riding bikes were reported creating a hazardous road condition at the Heathcote Bypass April 10. Police looked for the riders but didn’t find them. Another group of riders was reported half an hour later riding on sidewalks on East Parkway. This group was contacted by police, who advised them not to ride on sidewalks.


Stoneworkers using torches to heat up new stone panels to be installed on a rear patio sliding door inadvertently started a fire April 5 at a home on Brookby Road. Firefighters removed trim and siding and found small charring on the structure and the trim. A 2.5-gallon water can was used to extinguish what was still burning both inside and outside the affected area. Mutual Aid was canceled and thermal imaging was used to check if the fire traveled to any other part of the house, which it had not. Gas levels were checked and found to be safe. The homeowner was contacted and no mechanical ventilation required. The homeowner advised he would be following up with his contractor.

No injuries were reported at the scene of a car accident on Fox Meadow Road April 6. Two SUVs were found on a lawn on the southwest side of the intersection at Highland Way. Both drivers were out of their cars and walking and evaluated on scene by medics. No one was injured. Both cars were removed by tow.

An odor of gas was reported April 8 at a house on Birchall Road. The resident advised the oven wasn’t turning on and there was an odor of gas. Firefighters discovered a malfunction with the igniter but no leaking gas. The resident was advised to contact an appliance repair service.

A hazardous condition was reported April 8 on Garth Road at a three-story building. A broken antenna was seen hanging over the side of the building and the sidewalk. Firefighters gained entry to the roof and removed the antenna.

A gas stove that wouldn’t shut off resulted in a visit from firefighters at a Stratton Road residence April 11. Elevated levels were detected and gas was shut off to the burner and the house was vented. When Con Edison arrived, the firefighters left.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from April 6 to April 12, was compiled from official information.

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