Single slate election draws 457 votes total

Left to right: Jonathan Lewis, Marc Samwick and Seth Ross celebrate winning seats on the village government dais.

An uncontested village election brought in 457 votes from Scarsdale residents to elect Marc Samwick as mayor and Seth Ross, Jonathan Lewis and Rochelle Waldman as trustees. That number places this election as the second-highest voter turnout for an uncontested election.

“At the heart of this is a phenomenal slate,” said Samwick. “We have a strong board and it’s an exciting time for the community.”

He said projects like the library renovation and the upcoming Freightway renovation make it a pivotal moment in the village’s history and he looks forward to engaging with residents.

Single slate election draws 457 votes total 2

“The theme for the campaign was listening, interacting and communicating,” Samwick said.

Ross, who has been re-elected to his trustee seat, said it was an honor to serve for the first two years as a trustee, but it’s an even bigger honor to be re-elected.

“The village may be facing a lot of challenges, but there’s a bright future,” he said. “I’m ready to help shape that future.”

Waldman said she was excited to jump into the issues, work with her fellow trustees and hear from the people.

Lewis said the number of people who turned out to vote in an uncontested election is a testament to the community and an endorsement to the nonpartisan system.

“I’m honored to be a part of it,” he said. “It’s a great form of government and the turnout reflects the confidence.”

For current mayor Dan Hochvert, he’s confident in the work he’s done on the board and looks forward to seeing what the future holds for the new members.

“I think we have left things in good shape,” he said. “These folks will take over and carry the torch.”

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