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A Harvest Drive man went to police headquarters on Sept. 7 to report that Chase Bank had contacted him Aug. 30 regarding suspicious transactions that occurred on his account between Aug. 27 and Aug. 29, which resulted in $190,000 being stolen from his savings account. The man said Chase Bank told him that someone had opened a joint savings account using his personal information and was able to transfer and withdraw funds. The man said he was not reimbursed money as Chase Bank is conducting an investigation. The man said he had a LifeLock account, but was notified days after the suspicious transactions occurred.

Sign swiped

While traveling southbound on Walworth Avenue Sept. 3, a Locust Avenue man called police to report that a street sign had come down and hit the right side of his truck. Police officers saw the highway sign partially obstructing southbound traffic on Walworth Avenue and moved it to the side of the road for the highway department to remove.

Identity theft

A 60-year-old Franklin Road resident reported to police Sept. 5 that someone had opened and used a credit card with her name without her permission.

A Christie Place man went to police headquarters on Sept. 6 to report that someone had created a false check using his information and cashed it at the Scarsdale Bank of America branch. The man told police the bank would be covering the amount lost but requested a police report be filed.

Drunk driving

While canvassing Mamaroneck and Post roads on Sept. 8, police stopped a 2004 Nissan Sentra, which was driving erratically with a damaged front bumper. While exiting the vehicle, the driver, 30-year-old Ulises Godinez of Mamaroneck, appeared unsteady and nearly fell. Officers placed Godinez under arrest for driving while intoxicated and transported him to police headquarters. Godinez was also charged with failure to use a designated lane, operating a vehicle without a license, aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, refusal to take a breathalyzer test and driving without a seat belt.

Those crazy kids

A Scarsdale resident called police on Sept. 3 to report a group of people inside a car parked at a dead end near Sunset Drive possibly engaging in illicit activities. Upon police arrival, an officer found the vehicle’s occupants but didn’t observe any illicit activities. The people in the car said they lived locally and were meeting up before leaving for college.

Take a picture it’ll last longer

A caller reported to police Sept. 6 that a man in his 30s wearing a light blue jacket was sitting on a stone wall on Mamaroneck Road watching people. Police canvassed the area but could not find the man.

Landscaping mishap

A Heathcote Road woman called police Sept. 6 to report her neighbor was having trees cut at the back of her property and leaving the debris on her lawn. Police spoke with the complainant who said her neighbor’s landscaper was dumping cut trees and yard waste on her property. Police were unable to identify a clear property line and advised the caller to call village hall if the issue persisted. Officers then spoke with the neighbor on Sherbrooke Road who said her landscapers accidentally dumped trees onto her neighbor’s property and they corrected the issue. The woman further stated that she has had issues with her neighbor for several years and would try to settle the dispute civilly.

Move out mistake

A Chateaux Circle tenant called police Sept. 7 to report several items stolen from her home. After an extensive conversation with all parties, police determined a break in communication occurred between a Chateaux Circle porter and the tenant. The tenant, who was moving out of the residence, had told the porter that she wanted items removed from her residence. The porter took that to mean that the tenant wanted all the items removed from the residence. The porter removed all the items including a leather couch which was placed out on the curb and taken by a third party to Yonkers. No criminal activity occurred at the location and both parties understood what had happened.

Unknown object

A caller reported to police on Sept. 7 that her son saw an approximately 65-year-old man walking around the park near Edgewood Elementary School with something that looked black on his waist. Police canvassed the area, including the field and both playgrounds but did not find the man. No one within the confines of the Edgewood School property looked distressed.

Stranger danger

On Sept. 7, a Cohawney Road woman called police to report an unknown woman at her front door. Police arrived at the home and spoke with the homeowner who said the woman had been delivering an Amazon package.


While traveling westbound on Christie Place Sept. 3 a Greenwich, Connecticut, woman’s Honda crossed over the double yellow line and hit a Scarsdale man’s Ford which was stopped in traffic. No injuries were reported.

On Sept. 4, a Scarsdale woman’s car hit a man on a bicycle while pulling out of her driveway on Overhill Road. Overgrown shrubs near the driveway caused a blind spot and didn’t allow the Scarsdale woman to see the cyclist. The man on the bicycle suffered minor cuts and bruises and was seen by paramedics but refused transport to a hospital.

While pulling into a parking spot on Palmer Avenue Sept. 5, a Mamaroneck woman accidentally stepped on the accelerator causing her car to drive into a building. No injuries were reported.

On Sept. 7, while backing out of a driveway on Crossway, a Scarsdale woman backed into a USPS truck, which was stopped in the traffic lane to deliver mail.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from Sept. 3 to Sept. 9, was compiled from official information.

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