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A Ridgecrest West resident called police April 25 to report his 2002 Mercedes valued at $20,000 was stolen overnight. He said he left it in his driveway unlocked with the key fob near the console.

Bike stolen from garage

A Fox Meadow Road resident April 22 reported a bicycle valued at $1,500 was stolen from his garage. The bike was described as a Specialized Sirrus X 4.0, blue/gray. No damage was observed to the residence. Police are investigating.

Stolen package 

A Bradley Road resident April 24 called police to report a laptop she ordered from Amazon valued at around $800 was stolen, most likely at the time of delivery. She said an unknown person signed for a package delivered to her address April 21. According to tracking information, it arrived on the date predicted, but someone else signed for it. She told Amazon she never received the laptop. To date Amazon has not refunded her money. A report was made.

Stones swiped

A Griffen Avenue resident April 22 told police an unknown elderly woman removed stones from her driveway. She said Con Edison had loosened the stones while fixing a gas leak. Con Edison informed her its workers would return to replace the stones; meanwhile the caller said she confronted the elderly woman and told her to put the stones back after the woman put the stones in her car trunk. The two argued and the older woman left. The caller said she doesn’t know how many stones the woman took. She gave police the woman’s license plate number. The older woman was contacted and said she thought the stones were trash. She returned what she took and said she would refrain in future from going on other peoples’ property.

Cake thief nabbed

An 80-year-old man from New Rochelle was arrested April 20, charged with petty larceny at an East Parkway business. The owner of the business said on March 16 the man took an orange cake valued at $14 without paying for it. The man was arrested without incident and summoned to appear in court on May 5. 

Job scam

A Nelson Road resident told police April 24 she was scammed out of money by what she thought was a prospective employer. The caller, a young woman, said during the course of what she believed was a legitimate job lead that she gave an unknown party $5,470 using a social media payment service. When she realized he was not a legitimate employer, she tried to get her money back. She was unsuccessful. The police said the case remains open for investigation.


Police went to Garth Road April 20 for a report of an assault. A witness reported seeing one man punch another man in the mouth. Upon arrival, police spoke with a Tudor Lane man who said he got into an argument with another man smoking a cigarette. He said he got upset when he asked the man to stop smoking but the man did not stop. The smoker struck the complainant in the mouth with a closed fist, cutting his lower lip. The victim didn’t want to press charges and declined medical attention. He described his assailant as being about 5 feet, 6 inches and 170 pounds with a light complexion and sleeve tattoos on both arms.

Lost diamond ring

A person called police to report the loss of a platinum wedding ring at Chase Road Park April 19. The ring has a center diamond and two smaller diamonds flanking either side.

Home alone?

Police responded to Wakefield Drive April 19 to assist a resident who said she was uncomfortable being home alone. They spoke to her home health aide who said the woman is under constant supervision. No police or medical attention was required at this time. Police encouraged the caregiver to contact them should assistance be needed.

Hiding in the bushes

A woman out for a run April 19 contacted police because she was alarmed by a man she said was crouched in the bushes near Heathcote Road and Morris Lane. She said he was watching her. She described him as wearing a dark hat, a paper medical mask and a burgundy sweatshirt. Police looked for the man with negative results.

ID theft and fraud

A Chesterfield Road resident called police April 19 to report someone demanded she surrender $5,809 in Bitcoin or they would release compromising photographs of the caller. The caller rightly recognized this was a scam and did nothing. The caller was not worried there would be any compromising videos but was concerned that the scammer knew a password to one of the caller’s accounts. The Chesterfield Road resident has since changed account passwords and didn’t lose any funds.

A Tompkins Road resident April 19 reported someone fraudulently applied for unemployment benefits using her husband’s name. Her husband has been deceased for a year.

A Carthage Road resident reported April 19 that five pieces of mail were delivered to her mother’s home that had her name on it. She does not live with her mother, who does not live in Scarsdale. The mail contained information with steps she was directed to take to collect unemployment. She never requested the information nor has she filed for benefits. She said her place of work was also contacted. She’s since been in contact with the Department of Labor and her bank.

A Johnson Road woman April 20 said she received a debit card in the mail containing funds for unemployment benefits. She said she never applied for the benefits. She’s since been in contact with the Federal Trade Commission.

Several others reported being victims of scams to collect unemployment between April 22 and 24, including residents of Sprague, Cohawney and Ferncliff roads.

Found property

A youth turned into police April 20 a cellphone he said he found in the grass by the Scarsdale Middle School tennis courts on Mamaroneck Road. Police were unable to locate the cellphone’s owner as the phone was operating only in Mandarin. The last call made on the phone was Feb. 23. Police vouchered the phone and put it in safekeeping.

A Crawford Lane resident April 19 said he found a credit card on his front lawn. He said it belongs to the same person who lost a driver’s license on his lawn the week before. The card owner was contacted by police; he said he lost his wallet the week before. He had canceled all his cards and requested new ones so he asked police to destroy the found card. 

Old pry marks discovered

On April 24 police received a report that an 82-year-old Brite Avenue resident may have been the victim of a possible forced entry. A female caller reported there was damage to an exterior door on the residence that appeared to be old pry marks, made at least six months ago The listed owner of the property said the last time he looked at the door was probably a year ago. Everything inside the house appeared in order.

Things he shouldn’t have said

A Broadmoor Road homeowner April 22 told police about an argument he had with a contractor. He said the contractor was operating a backhoe in an area straddling the property line and he felt the work being done would adversely affect his own property. He said after some unpleasant words were exchanged the other man was upset and talked about him to another worker. The caller said he was upset and wished to have the incident documented. He said he would avoid the contractor in the future. Police offered to speak to the other party but the caller said that wasn’t necessary.

Film crew

A Claremont Road resident April 23 reported a film crew was working in the area and complained there were too many cars. Police spoke to the production manager who admitted they didn’t have a permit to film but immediately called the village manager’s office to start the permit process. The film manager was told to halt production until a permit was secured. Another neighbor reported a “very large floodlight” was pointed at his property. Police said the lights were pointed downward and not creating any hazard.

Trouble with a ‘friend’

A Donellen Road resident April 24 came to police headquarters to report trouble with an estranged friend. She said the friend is in possession of a handbag she owns. She wants it back, but the former friend won’t return it and said if she keeps calling, she would do something nasty. She was advised to halt all contact with the other person but she got no help with the return of the bag.

Car collisions

A crash happened April 20 on Ramsey Road near Secor. A bus pulling into a bay of the Scarsdale Highway Department was struck by a dump truck backing up. The supervisor took pictures. Nobody was hurt.

A two-car collision occurred April 22 on Murray Hill Road near Reimer Road. At the time of the collision, one car struck the curb and ran up onto a lawn on Dolma Road. That driver blamed her brakes, which she said didn’t work. She complained of pain to her side but declined medical attention.

In a one-car crash April 25 on Bansom Road near Myrtledale Road, a young driver hit a utility pole while turning left. The 19-year-old driver left the scene. Her father, the registered owner of the car, stayed to talk to police.


Firefighters responded to Huntington Avenue April 20 on a report of an odor of burning. A resident told responders there was a popping sound and then smoke filled the kitchen. The range, which was adjacent to a GFI outlet and a microwave, had no power. The odor was traced to the control board. The oven was tested using a different GFI outlet nearby which immediately tripped the breaker. Responders turned off gas to the burners and power to the electric oven. The breaker to the microwave was reconnected and the homeowner was told to contact a repair service.

Burnt toast was the cause of a fire alarm triggered April 23 at Scarsdale Alternative School rooms at Scarsdale High School on Post Road. On arrival, a custodian said toast that had burned in a commercial toaster set off an alarm in the snack area. Firefighters assisted with ventilation and the alarm was reset.

Fire personnel responded to Fenimore and Post roads April 23 on a report of an arcing wire. After locating the affected pole, firefighters contacted Con Edison.

A collision with injuries was reported April 24 on the Hutchinson River Parkway northbound. On arrival, firefighters found three cars on the shoulder and ambulance personnel were conducting patient assessments. Fire personnel applied absorbents on liquids spilled on the roadway. Westchester County police and emergency responders stood by until the cars were towed from the scene.

A humming refrigerator set off an alarm in a Carthage Road residence April 25. Firefighters responded and checked the refrigerator, which was indeed humming. As no hazards or signs of malfunction were detected, the homeowner was advised to contact an appliance repair service.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department from April 19 to April 25, was compiled from official information.

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