Freightway site

The Freightway site as seen from the parking garage.

The Scarsdale Board of Trustees met Tuesday night in executive session to take stock of the process for planning a redevelopment at Freightway garage.

The offshoot of the meeting: Freightway is on hold.

“We have made it very clear that we are listening to the community,” Mayor Marc Samwick told the Inquirer, adding “We wanted to select a preferred developer but the community made it very clear … the proposals [presented at a public forum on Dec. 11] are not the best for Scarsdale,” and therefore, “We will not move forward with this.”

Asked about next steps, the mayor said: “There is no next step. We are keeping the public comment period open… nothing is planned beyond that.”

“We had from the start and still remain very focused [on] any project having fiscal benefits, not harming our school system and having benefits for our village center.”

The listening period, with comments accepted by email and on a portal at, will continue through Feb. 9.

The mayor and the board sent a letter to the community, saying, “The process — which started three years ago — was designed with numerous community touch points to receive comprehensive input and to be transparent. While the village board never considered either proposal shown to the community in December to be close to final, we believed that entering into a nonbinding agreement with a preferred developer and working with them to meaningfully improve their proposal was a productive next step.

“We are listening to your feedback (thank you!) that the community is not comfortable with this process. As such, we are putting a hold on the Freightway timeline. A preferred developer will not be chosen unless and until more appropriate starting points and data are provided and presented to the board and to the community.

“The village board believes the future of Freightway remains an important agenda item for continued community conversation. We will review all responses received during the public comment period. Your ongoing input is greatly appreciated.”

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