Two arrested for drunk driving

Two officers noticed a car driving slowly and crossing over pavement markings on Mamaroneck Road Aug. 10. As the officers approached Stratton Road, they pulled the car over. The driver, 39-year-old Stamford, Connecticut, resident James McBrien, spoke to the officers and had a strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath, glassy eyes and slurred speech. When the officers asked McBrien to get out of the car, they noticed several beer cans in the driver’s side door panel, which were open and almost entirely consumed. He submitted a standardized field sobriety test and an alco-sensor pre-screening test. The test indicated the presence of alcohol on McBrien’s breath. He was arrested for a DWI and taken to police headquarters.

At about 6:11 a.m. Aug. 10, an officer was called to the area of Fenimore and Tompkins roads on a report of a disabled car. The officer found a car in the middle of Tompkins Road, parked at an angle as if it were turning from Fenimore onto Tompkins Road. A woman, identified as 28-year-old Yonkers resident Rashida Jones, was sleeping in the driver’s seat of the car. The officer tried to wake the woman up but was unsuccessful. The car was still running, so the officer reached across the driver to remove the keys from the ignition. At that point, Jones woke up, was disoriented and was not making sense as she tried to speak. Her eyes were glassy and bloodshot. She submitted to an alco-sensor test, which indicated the presence of alcohol on her breath. She was arrested for a DWI and taken to police headquarters.

Identity theft

A Brite Avenue woman told police Aug. 6 someone tried to open a savings account with her life insurance check. An American Express personal savings account was opened July 27 and a life insurance check was made out to an individual. That person tried to deposit the check into the account. The woman contacted American Express to notify them of the fraudulent action so the check was prevented from being deposited into the account. The woman also reported someone tried to forward mail to another address Aug. 5, but the post office did not authorize the request.

Stolen rings

A Windsor Lane woman told police Aug. 8 she believes someone stole her engagement ring sometime between May 2019 and when she reported it missing. She said she hadn’t worn it recently, and when she looked where she believed the ring was located, the ring wasn’t there. She decided to file a police report after she couldn’t find the ring.

Police spoke to a Lebanon Road woman Aug. 8 who said her engagement ring and wedding ring were stolen between Aug. 1 and Aug. 3.

Stolen check

Police spoke to a Ferncliff Road man Aug. 6 who said someone cashed one of his personal checks. The man was contacted by the bank earlier that day regarding an attempt to use his debit car that was denied at a Target store. He said he still had possession of the card, but he was told to destroy it. The check was made in the amount of $3,200, but the man said he didn’t know the person that the check was made out to, and he didn’t write the check.


A Garth Road woman reversing out of a parking space on Depot Place Aug. 6 collided into a parked bus. The woman said she didn’t see the bus when she was backing out of the spot.

A Donellan Road woman was driving on Madison Road and stopped at the intersection with Barry Road Aug. 8. A Southwoods Lane woman was driving behind the Donellan Road woman. The Southwoods Lane woman said that because the Donellan Road woman was stopped for a long time, she tried to drive around her car. The Donellan Road woman said she didn’t see the Southwoods Lane woman trying to pass and started to make a left turn onto Barry Road, sideswiping the passenger side of the Southwoods Lane woman’s car. There were no injuries.

An unknown white van with a ladder on its roof rack entered the Freightway garage Aug. 9. The vehicle’s height didn’t clear the ceiling height and the roof rack and ladder hit a beam in the garage’s ceiling.

A Brite Avenue man driving on Fenimore Road Aug. 10 tried to make a left turn onto Brite Avenue. As he slowed to stop before turning, a Montgomery Road woman stopped behind his car. A Garden Road woman didn’t stop in time and rear-ended the woman’s car, which caused that car to collide with the man’s car.

Police spoke to a man at the intersection of Sprague and Lyons roads Aug. 11. He said he heard and saw the aftermath of a two-car accident at the intersection. The man said he saw a white car driving on Sprague Road collide with another car driving on Lyons Road. Another witness said the second car, which was black or dark gray, continued to speed away from the area. The white car backed up and sped away on Lyons Road. Both cars were gone when the police arrived, and the only evidence that a collision occurred was a small piece of chrome strip from a dark colored car.


Scarsdale police received eight false calls between Aug. 5 and Aug. 12.


An alarm went off at a nail salon on Palmer Avenue Aug. 7. The building was unoccupied, and firefighters found a light smoke condition. They traced the smoke to an overheating electrical appliance. Firefighters unplugged the appliance and ventilated the building.

There was a burning odor inside a Brambach Road resident’s house Aug. 8. Firefighters talked to the homeowner, who said he was installing a new doorbell when he noticed the odor. The firefighters checked the house and found the interior doorbell chime smelled like it had shorted.

Firefighters responded to a report of a CO alarm in a Butler Road house Aug. 10. They found a worker using a gas-powered power washer in the basement. Everyone was evacuated and firefighters ventilated the house.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department from Aug. 5 to Aug. 12, was compiled from official information.

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