Freightway site

The Freightway site as seen from the parking garage.

After securing AKRF, a New York City company with an office in White Plains, as the planner for the Freightway redevelopment project, the village of Scarsdale has released a request for proposals to developers.

In 2017, the village created the Freightway Steering Committee to create a vision for the redevelopment of the 2.5-acre site and surrounding area. Because an aging parking garage is currently on the site, the redevelopment vision has focused on a total overhaul of the structure that would likely offer entirely new options.

According to a report released by the village, which is also available on the village’s website, the qualifications for developers who respond to the RFP include a description of the firm’s history, ownership and identification of the key individuals who will be assigned to the project, the firm’s expertise with comparable redevelopment projects with examples and illustrations, three professional references for the development firm and a description of the project team that would be assigned to the proposed project.

The highly anticipated redevelopment project has been the center of a number of meetings in the village. From those meetings, a few ideas for the site grew. The visioning study, also available on the website, reported that residents wanted any development to keep the number of parking spaces in the garage, while complementing the village’s downtown center.

There were a few scenarios from the visioning study.

The first was to develop the open lot area. An analysis of the lot’s condition showed repairs and maintenance would cost $1.8 million, new LED lighting would cost $250,000 and a new façade would cost $250,000, for a total of $2.3 million.

The second scenario was to develop the open lot with a platform over the tracks. It’s similar to the first scenario, but would also platform over the Metro-North railroad tracks along the Popham Road Bridge.

“The platform area could be added as public space,” the report reads.

The third scenario is to develop the open lot and the Freightway garage area. The challenge here is to maintain the existing parking supply when the existing garage is removed. To successfully complete this scenario, the development would be done in phases.

The fourth scenario is to develop the open lot and Freightway garage area with a platform over the tracks, which the report describes as the most ambitious of the scenarios. It means redeveloping the open lot and Freightway garage in phases, like the third scenario.

As far as what would go into the site, there were talks of residential developments and businesses, though nothing has been decided yet.

Proposals from developers are due to the village by Sept. 16. In November, the board of trustees will schedule a public meeting for residents to view presentations of the proposed design concepts.

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