On June 24, an Ogden Road woman reported to police that her 2015 BMW was egged. The woman said her son had parked the car in front of their home on June 23 at 5:30 p.m. On June 24 at 12:30 p.m. her son told her that the car had been egged. The car was brought to the car wash, but eggs stains still remained on the hood and driver’s side door. The owner of the vehicle said that nobody was given permission to tamper with her car.

Find our iPhones?

A Walworth Avenue woman reported to police June 25 that someone had stolen her iPhone 6s from her unattended backpack on or around May 1.

A Scarsdale Avenue woman went to police headquarters on June 29 to report that she had lost her rose gold iPhone 8. The woman said the phone was in her baby carriage and must have fallen out somewhere between Scarsdale Pizza in Eastchester and DeCicco Family Market in Scarsdale. Police contacted Eastchester police but the phone had not been turned in.

Lost property

A UPS driver went to police headquarters on June 25 to turn in a handheld scanning device that he said he found on Graham Road. The driver said it was not a scanner used by UPS or FedEx. Police were not able to retrieve any information from the device.


A Morris Lane man went to police headquarters June 25 to turn in a vandalized political lawn sign he found at the intersection of Post and Tompkins Road. The sign, which read “Robert Prisco for County Court Judge,” had red spray paint marks on it. Police could not fit the sign in a temporary storage locker but, instead, secured the sign in the police department’s riot locker.

Thefts from cars

An Old Lyme Road woman reported to police June 27 that someone had stolen 20 rolls of quarters from her car.

On June 27 a Sprague Road woman reported that someone had stolen her $300 Prada sunglasses from her car.

An Old Lyme Road man went to police headquarters June 27 to report that someone had broken into his car and stolen his registration documentation, his insurance card and the car’s owner’s manual.

Give me a sign

While on patrol June 28, an officer noticed a street sign on the corner of Drake and Madison roads was missing. The officer canvassed the area but could not locate the sign.

Major key

While on patrol at the Scarsdale train station June 28, a police aide was given a Honda key fob that a passenger said had fallen out of another passenger’s bag at a previous station stop. An officer called the MTA police who said no missing keys had been reported.


An officer pulled over a 2016 Dodge SUV speeding on Post Road July 1. The driver did not have a driver’s license and a DMV check found his license had been suspended nine times on separate dates. The officer arrested 29-year-old Wilson Miller for the offenses. Miller made a phone call and paid $100 bail.

Stuck seatbelt

A woman went to police headquarters June 26 to report that her daughter was stuck in her car due to a seatbelt malfunction. The woman’s daughter was locked into the seatbelt and officers were still not able to unclip the belt after multiple attempts. Because the belt kept getting tighter upon every attempt to release the girl, officers decided to cut the seatbelt. Officers observed light red marks on the girl’s stomach. The mother was advised to monitor her daughter’s stomach for further bruising and to see a doctor if her daughter complained of pain.

Wrong number

Police received a 911 call June 27 from an elderly woman who hung up before the dispatcher could confirm there was no emergency. The dispatcher called back and reached the front desk of the Quaker Ridge Golf Club. The desk employee was not aware of anyone calling 911 or any emergencies on the premises but said the club would look into who called. The desk attendant confirmed that a woman at the club accidentally called 911 when she meant to call a taxi.


A woman reported June 27 that on many occasions she saw people in a sedan on River Road smoking marijuana by the bike path. Upon arrival, officers saw an unoccupied car matching the description parked legally. The officers did not see anyone engaging in marijuana use.


A caller reported to police June 28 approximately 20 cones were in the roadway on Brite Avenue. Upon arrival, police saw multiple cones in the middle of Brite Avenue between Chesterfield and Cohawney roads. The cones were originally placed on the side of the road because of the ongoing curb restoration on Brite Avenue. The officer moved the cones back to the side of the street.

Taking in the sun

Multiple calls came in to police June 30 on a report of a man with one shoe lying down next to a mailbox. When police arrived, the man told officers he was just resting and waiting for someone to arrive at a home across the street.

Loud noises

A Post Road man called police July 1 to report hearing a loud noise. He said he believed someone was attempting to break into his house. Upon arrival, officers saw a large garbage can that was knocked over on the man’s front yard. Officers checked the exterior of the home but found no signs of forced entry.


On June 24, a 17-year-old Scarsdale woman’s car and a 91-year-old man’s car collided when the drivers tried back out of parking spaces on Spencer Place.

While stopped at a red light on Secor Road, a Sleepy Hollow woman’s car was hit by a New Rochelle man’s car June 24. The man said his foot slipped off the brake pedal, causing him to accelerate into the woman’s stopped car. The woman complained of head and neck pain and was treated on scene.

At the intersection of Popham and Taunton roads June 24, a White Plains woman attempting to turn her car onto Popham Road collided with a Scarsdale woman’s car traveling eastbound toward the intersection.

A 55-year-old Pleasantville woman June 26 crossed the divider and struck a stone wall while traveling westbound on Crane Road. The woman said she didn’t know what happened.

On June 26, a New York City man’s vehicle was hit head-on by a Scarsdale woman’s car when she began to slowly drift into the southbound lane while traveling northbound on Fox Meadow Road. The New York City man began to honk his horn and came to a complete stop in an effort to avoid the crash. Airbags were not deployed and there were no injuries at the scene.

While backing out of a driveway on Cushman Road June 26, a Mount Vernon man hit an unoccupied parked car. No injuries were reported at the scene.

On June 28, a White Plains man’s car was hit by a Harrison man’s car while the White Plains man was turning left onto Heathcote Road. The White Plains man said he was responding to a green turn signal when his car was hit by the Harrison man’s car. The officer at the scene looked at multiple traffic signal cycles at the intersection and saw they were working properly. No injuries were reported at the scene.

While stopped at the intersection of the Heathcote bypass at Weaver Street June 28, a White Plains man’s car rear-ended another White Plains man’s car.


Firefighters responded to brush fire on the Hutchinson River Parkway June 24. On arrival the units saw a smoldering fire and were able to extinguish it.

On June 26, firefighters responded to a home on Greenacres Avenue which had a bird trapped in the living room. The bird, which most likely entered the home through the fireplace, was captured by firefighters with a blanket and released outside.

There were two false calls placed on June 24 and June 25 for a fire at Old Lyme Road.


Maria Alves, Branden Dean, Emilio Espejo and Anais Lopez did not appear in court and were issued warrant letters. Alves is charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended registration and an insurance violation. Dean is charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle, driving without a license and speeding. Espejo is charged with aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle and a turn signal violation. Lopez is charged with operating a vehicle with a suspended registration.

Seven defendants received continuances.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from June 24 to July 1 and the Scarsdale Village Justice Court calendar from June 26, was compiled from official information.

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