An officer responded July 10 to a report of a larceny in progress from a clothing store at Boniface Circle. The officer spoke with store employees who said they saw two women wearing wigs put merchandise under their dresses. One employee said the two women left the store and got into the elevator in the nearby Harwood building. The officer canvassed the building and found the women in the third floor stairwell. The officer told the women to stop but the suspects began to run and exited onto Chase Road. The women discarded the items they had stolen from the store in an attempt to elude officers. One of the suspects removed her wig and changed from a purple dress to a pair of black leggings and a white T-shirt in order to change her appearance. Officers stopped the suspects by 18 Chase Road where the pair had parked their car. All the stolen property was collected and returned to the clothing store. The clothing store did not wish to press charges. Both suspects were released at the scene and told they could not return to the clothing store.

Identity thefts

On July 8, officers responded to Griffen Avenue on a report of identity theft. The 40-year-old woman at the residence said someone had made unauthorized charges totaling $135.50 on her MasterCard. She said her husband also had access to the card and she would contact her credit card company to cancel it.

An officer responded to Cooper Road July 9 to speak with a resident who said someone had stolen his identity. The 52-year-old man told police he had received a letter in the mail regarding an attempt to open a Chase Freedom credit card account, which he had never applied for. The man said he also received a phone call from Bank of America regarding a credit card application that he had never applied for. The man told police the U.S. Post Office was conducting an investigation into attempts to divert the man’s mail to another address. The man believes the credit card applications and the attempt to redirect his mail are related. The man said the post office would be able to determine which post office location was used in the attempt to change his address.

An Old Lyme Road resident went to police headquarters July 13 to report suspicious debits from his TD Bank account. The 49-year-old man said that multiple withdrawals were made from his account, including a pending $1,700 debit. A bank representative said the withdrawals were made in person at a TD Bank by a person who showed ID and presented the last four digits of a debit card. The first withdrawal was made from Bridgewater, New Jersey, in the amount of $2,800. The second was made in Somerville, New Jersey, for $7,500.

That’s my spot

An officer responded on a report of a verbal altercation on Palmer Avenue July 8 involving a Scarsdale Improvement employee who had refused to move his legally parked car. At 9:30 a.m. the employee legally parked his vehicle in the Wilgrin parking lot. A woman driving a black Jeep Wrangler told the Scarsdale Improvement employee to move his car because she liked to park in the spot where his vehicle was parked. The man refused to move his car and continued his work. The woman was agitated and stood in the parking lot, staring at the man while he worked. The employee felt uncomfortable with the woman staring at him and requested police to document the incident.

Lost and found

A Richbell Road woman called police July 9 to report six chairs, a television and a lamp were missing from her home. She told the dispatcher she was having interior work done in her home with many workers there. When police arrived, the woman showed the officer where she had put the items before they went missing. The officer was able to find the television and four of the chairs in the same area. The woman said that after speaking with her housekeeper, she realized she only had four chairs, not six.

Suspicious activity

State police contacted Scarsdale police to report a 911 call from a woman who whispered “I need help” twice. The dispatched location originated from a home on Mohican Trail. Officers responded to the home and received no answer at the door. Upon an exterior check of the home the officers found an unlocked glass sliding door. Officers did not find anything suspicious during an interior check. After attempting to reach out to neighbors, officers found no report of anyone in distress.

Grand larceny

A 47-year-old Ridgecrest East woman went to police headquarters July 9 to report personal belongings were stolen from her home between July 3 and July 8. The stolen objects included multiple credit cards, car keys, jewelry, coins, bags and $500 in cash.

Soliciting gone wrong

An officer responded on a report of two solicitors wearing fluorescent vests near Potter Road July 9 at around 9 p.m. Upon arrival, the officer did not see any solicitors matching the reported description. While canvassing further, the officer spotted a Toyota Camry with two men inside wearing fluorescent vests. The men in the vehicle said they were soliciting in the area for a company called Synergy, and the driver presented the officer with a permit, which only allowed the pair to solicit until 5 p.m. While checking the ID of the two solicitors, the officer found the driver had a suspended license. The passenger had an active warrant from the Orange County sheriff’s office for aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. The officer arrested the passenger, 30-year-old Steven Garner, and transferred him to police headquarters to be picked up by the Orange County sheriff’s office. The driver was issued two vehicle citations and a citation for soliciting past the allocated hours.


An Eastchester man and Thornwood woman went to police headquarters July 10 to report a reckless driver. The pair said the driver, a 46-year-old man from Brooklyn, forced the complainant to veer off the roadway on Post Road. The pair further stated that the man sprayed a fire extinguisher at them. All parties involved in the incident were interviewed and none wished to pursue criminal charges.

Let me in

A Colvin Road woman called police July 10 because she was locked out of her house. The woman said her daughter had all her keys and all she wanted was a house key. Upon police arrival, the woman told the officer she was able to enter the house.

5 finger discount

On July 10 an officer responded to a drug store on Popham Road on a report of a larceny. A Yonkers woman was caught after stealing $8.90 worth of Skintimate razor blades and exiting the store. The store manager said he did not want to press charges as long as the shoplifter paid for the razors and never came back. The woman paid for the razor blades.

A rock and a hard place

An officer responded July 11 to a report of a truck stuck in a driveway on Post Road. Because of the low clearance of the truck’s lift gate and the elevated street, the Brooklyn driver was not able to get out of the driveway onto Post Road. After notifying R&D Towing, officers shut down Post Road in both directions. R&D Towing was able to navigate the truck out of the driveway and onto Post Road, leaving two divots in the pavement. Police notified the state highway department about the pavement damage.


At 6:37 a.m. July 12 an officer was dispatched to Heathcote Road on a report of a man and a woman in a car acting erratically. Upon arrival, the officer saw a Nissan SUV with a man in the driver’s seat and a woman in the passenger seat with the door open. The driver told police he had parked his car because he was too drunk to drive. The driver also admitted that his license was suspended. The officer then spoke with a witness who said he saw the man drive into the parking lot, exit the vehicle and ask for help. The driver submitted to an alcohol test, which revealed his blood alcohol content to be .16, twice the allowable limit. The man was released on $200 bail and issued an appearance ticket for Scarsdale Village Court. A small plastic bag of marijuana and four THC oil cartridges were later found in the impounded vehicle.

Missing trumpet

A 43-year-old Heathcote woman reported to police July 12 that a $900 trumpet was stolen from Heathcote School on June 6.

No license

While on patrol July 12, an officer saw a man not wearing his seat belt while stopped at a red light on Mamaroneck Road. After the officer pulled the car over, the driver said his driver’s license was revoked. After a DMV check, the officer found that the driver had multiple suspensions on his license, including failure to pay driver responsibility assessment, driving while ability impaired by alcohol, refusal to submit to a chemical test and failure to answer a summons. The driver was also required to operate a car with a Breathalyzer start device. The man was driving his girlfriend’s car, which did not contain such a device. The officer placed 36-year-old Nagasaki Iturriaga under arrest. Iturriaga was searched, placed in a holding block and issued three vehicles summons and a court date.


On July 13 firefighters responded to an automatic alarm on Brewster Road. Firefighters found a kitchen sink leaking water through the ceiling and onto a smoke detector in the basement. The fire department mitigated the leak and shut off power to the basement. Firefighters advised the homeowners to contact an electrician before using the basement lights.


A New Rochelle police officer contacted Scarsdale Police Department to report a hit and run involving a white refrigerator truck and a traffic sign pole at the intersection of Weaver Street and the Hutchinson River Parkway July 8. Police saw a metal pole knocked down at the location and a second pole leaning with a sign missing. Tire marks were also observed on the curb and grass.

While traveling northbound on Post Road toward the intersection of Mamaroneck Road, a Brookfield, Connecticut, woman’s car was hit by a Stamford, Connecticut, man’s car who was turning onto Post Road from Mamaroneck Road July 9. Both the man and the woman stated that they had green lights.

A Scarsdale man’s car hit a Scarsdale woman’s car while backing out of a parking spot on East Parkway July 9. No injuries were reported.

While attempting to exit the Bronx River Parkway onto Claremont Road July 10, a Bronx man’s car left the roadway causing damage to grass and trees nearby. No injuries were sustained and R&D Towing removed the vehicle.

A White Plains woman’s Lexus hit a White Plains woman’s Infiniti on the Heathcote Bypass July 11 when the Lexus failed to come to a complete stop. No injuries were reported.

On July 11, a New Rochelle woman’s car hit a Scarsdale woman’s car while the driver was attempting to change lanes on Popham Road. No injuries were reported.

An 81-year-old Scarsdale woman hit an unoccupied car at Harwood Court July 13. The owner of the parked car saw the woman hit his car and tried to speak with her to get her information. The Scarsdale woman left the scene.

While traveling southeast in the right lane on Secor Road July 14, a Huntington Station, New York, man veered off the roadway to avoid a collision with a red Ford sedan which moved into the direct path of his car. The man’s car hit several trees.

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