Police stopped a driver on Weaver Street July 1 who had an illegally tinted/nontransparent material on his car’s front windshield. After checking the driver’s license, the officer found it was suspended. The driver, identified as 20-year-old Yonkers resident Victor Martinez Contreras, was arrested.

Identity theft

A Wynmor Road man told police July 1 he was a victim of identity theft. He said he received an unknown package he didn’t order, which followed another incident from the prior week. He said after receiving the second package, he contacted the sender, who told him the item was ordered via PayPal. The man followed up with PayPal and determined that in October 2018 someone opened an account using the man’s personal identifying information, including his name, address, Social Security number and an email address. The man said multiple unauthorized charges were charged to the account. He said he notified the PayPal fraud department to flag the account.

An officer spoke to a Tisdale Road man July 2 who said he received an invoice from Verizon totaling $588.50 for four cell phones and the activation of the phones on a new account under the man’s name. The man said he didn’t make those purchases.

A Cushman Road woman told police July 2 she was contacted by an unknown person through WhatsApp, a messaging application, unlawfully posing as her father. The person requested that money be sent electronically. Believing the person was her father, the woman sent an electronic transfer to the person using TransferWise. She reported the activity as fraud through TransferWise, but wasn’t successful because the funds were already released to the recipient.


A Copper Beech Lane woman was stopped in traffic on Weaver Street July 1 when her car was rear-ended by a Bronx woman’s car. There were no injuries reported.

A Bronx man was driving a bus in the passenger drop-off lane on Depot Place July 2 and was switching into another lane when he hit a Mount Vernon man’s car. There were no injuries.

A Watertown, Connecticut, woman was driving on Garth Road July 3 when she hit the car of a Hartsdale woman driving in front of her. The Hartsdale woman complained of neck pain but no other injuries were reported.

A Weyburn Road man backing out of a parking spot on East Parkway July 3 hit a Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania, woman’s car. The woman was driving on East Parkway, but was stopped in traffic. There were no injuries.

A Glendale Road woman said her car was waiting for a parking space on Overhill Road when a Garth Road man’s car hit her car July 5. The man said he went around the woman’s car, which was blocking the handicapped parking space. He said the woman started backing up her car as he was pulling into the parking space. There were minor scratches on both cars.


Scarsdale police received 16 false 911 calls between July 1 and July 8.


Firefighters were called to the intersection of Mamaroneck and Carthage roads July 1 on a report of a water leak. They found a broken main, so the water department also responded. Firefighters set up pumps and helped mitigate the leak.

A CO alarm went off in a Church Lane house July 3. Firefighters found readings of CO on the meter in the basement near a boiler. They ventilated the house using a large fan. Con Edison was notified and capped the gas lines.

Scarsdale firefighters responded to a request from the Tarrytown Fire Department for mutual aid for a car accident July 5.

Firefighters responded to a CO investigation at a Chase Road restaurant July 6. They detected readings under the doorways and in the rear hallway of the building. Firefighters used forced entry and found high CO readings in the kitchen. They shut down the gas to the appliances and Con Edison shut down gas to the entire restaurant.

This report, covering Scarsdale police and fire department activity from July 1 to July 8, was compiled from official information.

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