Freda Glass Schreiber

Freda Glass Schreiber with her great-grandson.

Freda Glass Schreiber, who celebrated her 100th birthday with family and friends in May, died on June 14. Mrs. Schreiber was born in the South Bronx and grew up in Manhattan. Her father immigrated from Russia and her mother from Poland; both arrived in dire times prior to World War I, one via Ellis Island and the other via San Francisco. Mrs. Schreiber grew up in the shadow of the Great Depression, and saw her older brother and then her husband-to-be, Sidney Schreiber, serve in WWII.

Working on her Ph.D. in physiology at NYU, she produced numerous publications about schistosomiasis, a parasite that plagued service men and women abroad, when the Great Depression hit. The economic challenges of the Depression forced her to leave her Ph.D. studies and obtain employment to help her family. In 1945 she married Sidney Selig Schreiber from Brooklyn, who served as a medic in the 82nd Airborne Division in WWII. He later studied biology and became a physician on the GI Bill.

Mrs. Schreiber subsequently spent many years educating graduate nurses in physiology and anatomy at Hunter College, Flower of Fifth Avenue and Pace University in Westchester County. In addition, she edited numerous scientific textbooks for Raven Press and other publishing houses. Her family said she loved to read and became an avid and sophisticated consumer of current events, with well-informed and serious opinions on numerous subjects spanning science to politics.

Freda and Sidney Schreiber traveled the world together, as he presented his scientific research at international cardiology symposiums. Mrs. Schreiber was avidly interested in the arts, using her travels as inspiration for the jewelry pieces she later created. She studied difficult techniques such as granulation, making one-of-a-kind pieces for her family and friends. She was often involved in other projects, most recently boxes covered with cured egg shells to create a marblelike surface.

Mrs. Schreiber was a resident of Scarsdale from 1957 to 2015. She was thrilled to find a house right across the street from Greenacres Elementary School, and one in which she and her husband could develop their gardening skills and raise their family. The couple later moved to Meadow Ridge in Redding, Connecticut, where Mrs. Schreiber enjoyed forming new friendships and mastering new technologies including Facetiming with her family and grandchildren on her iPhone and driving her electric cart.

Mrs. Schreiber is predeceased by her husband Sidney who died in March 2018.

She is survived by two children, her daughter Hope of Newton, Massachusetts, and her son John and his spouse Rebecca of New Marlborough, Massachusetts, their children and her grandsons Nathaniel of Quincy, Massachusetts, and Jacob, and his spouse Samantha of Bethesda, Maryland. Mrs. Schreiber’s family said she was thrilled to welcome Jacob and Samantha’s son Ezra, her first great-grandson, on Sept. 18, 2018. She is interred beside her husband Sidney in the New Marlborough Village Cemetery in Massachusetts.

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