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Robert Korngold

Robert (Bob) Korngold of Edgemont died peacefully in his sleep in his home on Jan. 13. He was 89.

A graduate of Queens College in 1952, he worked at IBM and Xerox. In 1979, he was a consultant for Revlon Co. tracking its sales using a revolutionary new program called “VisiCalc” which was the first computer spreadsheet program. An early advocate of computers, he became an Apple developer. He created and hosted PC Talk Radio, a radio program dedicated to talking about computer programs and their glitches.

Mr. Korngold was early in understanding the potential for the use of the letters on a telephone keypad for answering questions or collecting data, and his ideas foreshadowed Movie Phone. An entrepreneur and innovator, his companies included Abacus, The Atom Reports, Gear, The Manager, Megavoice, Pathtalk, Visicalc Users group and Waterclean.

In his retirement he and his wife, Carole Wolfe Korngold, created Montessori Home, to help improve literacy in young children. His hobby was writing. He enjoyed writing screenplays and poetry and he composed the liturgical song “Welcome, Welcome the Feeling of the Sabbath.” He was published in Shalom Magazine. He was a dedicated athlete, running (and later walking) every morning.

Mr. Korngold attended officers training school with the U.S. armed forces and served honorably as a commissioned officer in the Navy in active service in the Korean war for four years, and one year stationed in Japan. He received an American Defense Korean Theatre Service Medal. At his discharge in March 1957, he had the rank of lieutenant in the Supply Corps.

Mr. Korngold married Carole Wolfe on August 28, 1960 in Delmar, New York. A longtime resident of Edgemont, he and Carole were early members of Woodlands Community Temple, helping to create the culture there. He served as the bar/bat mitzvah teacher. They were devoted members of Temple Bet Am Shalom.

Mr. Korngold’s family said he was a “larger than life character who overflowed with his unique humor, new ideas, and zest for life, even as he sometimes challenged us with his unconventional ways.” He was a loyal friend, who was dedicated to his wife, Carole, who predeceased him in November 2019.

He is survived by his two daughters, K.T. Korngold and Rabbi Jamie Korngold, son-in-law Michael Whaley and four granddaughters, Sarah Korngold Whaley (25), Emma Korngold Whaley (19), Sadie Korngold (16) and Ori Korngold (13).

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