Since 1901, The Scarsdale Inquirer has brought weekly local news coverage to readers who seek high-quality, informative journalism at their fingertips. While you’ll still be using those fingertips to turn the pages of our weekly print newspaper, starting today you can also delve into the Inquirer via desktop, tablet and mobile devices.

With the debut of our new, improved, interactive website, we can keep you up to date with the latest developments in stories that matter to you. Our team of professional reporters and editors will be posting stories online daily, and on Mondays we will post the e-edition of the previous Friday’s paper on the homepage of the website. All of our special sections and our Scarsdale Living magazine will be accessible through the site as well.

Some news and features will appear in both print and online, but we will also have exclusive content on each platform, working in tandem to keep readers tuned in to news and features about local personalities, arts and entertainment, sports, school and government, as well as events that resonate with the residents of Scarsdale, Edgemont and Hartsdale.

We will be working diligently to make the printed paper that’s delivered to your mailbox every Friday as vital as ever with great new features — occasional long-form journalism, giving readers a deeper dive into an issue (see pages 14 and 15 this week), and we’ll include a weekly crossword puzzle as well.

In addition, many articles published since the beginning of 2018 and a year’s worth of e-editions of the 2018-19 weekly print newspapers are available to read and also to search on the site. So log in and check it out today — you might find a gem you overlooked previously or discover something new that will surprise and inspire you.

We also are excited to share with our readers our online gallery of photos by our award-winning staff photographer, Jim MacLean, who has repeatedly been named Photographer of the Year by the New York Press Association. Until now, what you saw in print was only a fraction of our full line of news/sports/feature photos — we simply didn’t have the space to publish more than a handful in the weekly paper. But now our subscribers can view our galleries and purchase prints or other items featuring their favorite photos.

Communication will be a key aspect of our site as well. You can reach the Inquirer’s editors, reporters and staff through online forms and Contact Us links. We invite you to send story ideas, event information, business news, personal/family milestones as well as comments about the news or features you read in the Inquirer online or in print. Before you comment, please read the rules; they are important.

For the past nine months, our team has poured heart and soul into putting the Inquirer’s award-winning coverage onto a digital website that is equally top-notch, both visually and functionally, and as user-friendly as possible. We believe we’ve achieved these goals, which also pair with our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. (Be sure to follow us!)

The road to our official digital debut (our old website was merely a placeholder until we were ready to delve into more robust technological platforms) has been long and exhausting, but now we are ready to embark on this journey with our loyal, longtime subscribers, and with the new ones we will attract going forward.

You’ve been asking, we’ve been promising — and now we’re delivering news not just to your mailbox, but we’re connecting with you wherever you are.

Let us know what you think by email to We welcome your feedback.

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