Edgemont is known as a community that values its grassroots vitality almost as much as its schools.

The intrepid group fighting for Edgemont’s independence filed another Article 78 lawsuit in court this week. This suit is similar to a suit two years ago after a petition with more than 1,400 signatures calling for a referendum was rejected by Greenburgh Town Supervisor Paul Feiner.

Article 78 is a legal mechanism by which a decision by a municipal body can be undone. This time around, the number who signed the petition has grown to more than 1,700 Edgemont residents, and the group calling itself the Edgemont Incorporation Committee seeks to overturn the supervisor’s decision that the petition the committee submitted at the end of May is not legally sufficient.

If the EIC’s challenge is successful in court, the people of Edgemont can move ahead with a referendum on whether Edgemont should divorce itself from the town of Greenburgh and become an autonomous and self-governing village.

If Feiner’s decision can’t be undone through the Article 78 lawsuit, the group could be saddled with financial obligations to repay the town’s fees associated with the litigation.

In a democracy, citizens have a fundamental right to choose self-governance, but Feiner’s obstruction of two petitions is clearly a move to block the democratic process.

Stay tuned. This is likely to be a rocky, but exciting chapter in Edgemont’s history.

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