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Our team at The Inquirer is working day and night to bring you accurate and meaningful local coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on our communities. It’s not an easy task. We have been working remotely since early March to bring you, without interruption, breaking news and useful information to help you and your family meet the challenges of this unprecedented time.

We have your back now, as always. And now, for the first time, we are asking you to have ours.

As you probably have read, newsrooms everywhere are taking a hit, the casualties of plummeting advertising revenue in the face of massive business shutdowns and economic contraction. The entire journalism industry, especially local community newspapers like ours, has been dealt a blow by these dire external forces.

Your subscriptions help sustain operations by partially covering our newsroom and production costs. They have never been more important. We are grateful for earning your trust. We know you have a wide choice of news and information sources, including many that are free. By subscribing to The Inquirer, you are affirming the value you place on local journalism.

Unfortunately, subscription revenue alone is not enough to keep us going. That’s why we have partnered with the COVID-19 Local News Fund, a nonprofit that is helping fund independently owned media across the country during this crisis. The Local News Fund provides an online platform for our readers and other supporters to make tax-deductible contributions, anonymously if they prefer.

Think of it as a gofundme for your community newspaper. Please give what you can by visiting

Your support will make a significant impact on our ability to keep you informed throughout the months ahead as this pandemic continues to upend our world.

As Scarsdale, Edgemont and Hartsdale cope with this crisis, we are more committed than ever to tell the unique stories of the struggles facing our neighbors and businesses, the good deeds of volunteers and community groups offering support, and the heroism and bravery of those on the frontlines of the pandemic. And we will also mark the deaths of those who have succumbed to COVID-19 and share memories of how they lifted others in their lifetimes.

These are the stories and the reporting that set local newspapers apart. Also during this crisis we are serving as a clearinghouse of essential information about village services and open businesses, emergency food distribution outlets, volunteer opportunities to help residents who cannot shop for medicine or groceries, and resources for victims of domestic abuse or violence. We are gathering and collating this information from disparate sources to make it easily accessible in print and online, all in one place, for you.

In recent weeks, the Inquirer has been printing far fewer pages due to the absence of advertising. Revenue has plunged, but our expenses remain almost the same as we continue to report as much, and often more, news as we did before the pandemic.

Most members of our staff have worked for the Inquirer for 20 years or more. We’re here because we care. We care about the communities we serve. If you appreciate our commitment and our award-winning coverage, and care about responsible journalism, then please consider contributing to our fundraiser so we can continue this important work. For more than 100 years, we’ve been here for you. Now we’re asking you to be here for us. Please make as generous a tax-deductible donation as you can afford at

— Your team at The Scarsdale Inquirer

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