The following letter, reprinted at the writer’s request, included 20 signatures from neighbors on Barry Road.

To Mayor, Trustees and Village Manager of Scarsdale,

We are once again writing to your office as residents who continue to be harmed by the backup of raw sewage into our homes.

On Sunday, Oct. 27, at 2 p.m. the sanitary sewer line on Barry Road filled up and began to pressurize the contents of the system. Raw sewage was forced into the basement sinks and floors of some homes. Others escaped damage because they had effective plugs or back flow prevention. Sewage overflowed the system through manhole covers onto the street and into the Hutchinson River.

As you know from our prior correspondence to your offices, the raw sewage overflows have been occurring for more than a decade. We attended meetings with the mayor and village personnel in 2011 after many years of overflows. However, the problem persists.

We know that you don’t want Scarsdale to be known as the village of sewer overflows, that you don’t want us to put up with home damage or a health hazard. Raw sewage escaping into the Hutchinson River is also an environmental hazard. 

Scarsdale village has blamed Westchester County in the past. The county blames the village. This goes back and forth with no progress being made. We know that flow monitoring was completed by the county, which indicates that village sewer flows increase significantly during periods of rainfall. In this latest case, only 1.6 inches of rainfall over three hours was enough to cause system failure. The certified weather report from Oct. 27 and the 2011 County Flow Monitoring report support our contention.

We need you to provide Scarsdale Department of Public Works with the funding and the priority to commence an immediate investigation of the affected sanitary sewer systems. The DPW should be able to create a plan to quickly determine faults in the system. We ask that DPW begin to remedy our problem by immediately closing the interconnection on the middle section of Barry from the Bronx sewer system to the Hutchinson sewer system. This interconnection brings a large amount of sewage into our Hutchinson sewer system. Without this increased flow of sewage into our system, we might be able to avoid the next sewer system overflow created by rainfall.

We residents are very concerned that this issue has not been addressed sufficiently by the village and we are at a point where we feel that serious action must be taken to protect our health and property interests.

Thank you for your time and consideration. We await your response.


on behalf of residents of Barry Road

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