In response to letters from me and other residents to Mayor Marc Samwick and the Scarsdale Board of Trustees, the mayor suggested a deeper investigation and report by the Conservation Advisory Council (CAC) on the use and regulation of leaf blowers in Scarsdale. Indeed, the CAC in December issued a report: “Mitigating the Health, Environmental, and Quality of Life Impacts of Gas Leaf Blowers”

I find this report to be a well-researched and clear delineation of the many issues at hand concerning the use of leaf blowers in our village and urge the village board to adopt recommendation Option 1, which would effectively extend the current gas leaf blower regulation to begin in January rather than June, and during fall leaf season would limit use to Tuesday through Friday.

In addition, I also urge the board to adopt an immediate interim resolution which would bar the use of any gas-powered leaf blowers within 100 feet of a neighboring property and ban the use of push-behind or multiple blowers on properties less than half an acre in size. There is excellent precedent for these types of rulings within our neighboring communities, with both Bedford and Irvington having legislation that specifically restricts gas blower use in more densely populated neighborhoods.

Darlene LeFrancois Haber, M.D.

Nelson Road

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