While I enjoyed reading the “Special Climate Report” and accompanying articles (The Inquirer, Sept. 20), the biggest environmental threat is one that no one is talking about. 

Reducing or eliminating meat consumption is the only way to truly make a dent in the climate crisis. Animal agriculture is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than every car, bus, train, boat, plane, and any other mode of transportation on the planet combined, according to the U.N., and is to blame for 37% of all human-caused methane emissions. Switching to a plant-based diet not only meaningfully decreases an individual’s carbon footprint, but is also healthier and less expensive, and would reduce the excruciating suffering of the 10 billion farm animals confined and killed in the United States each year. As a bonus, we could solve the global water crisis, since it takes 1,800 gallons of water to produce one pound of beef. 

So, go ahead and buy a Tesla and switch out some lightbulbs — but don’t call yourself an environmentalist until you have begun to make this crucial change.


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