This letter is to urge registered Democrats to vote in the upcoming June 23 primary for incumbent Assemblyman Tom Abinanti. As demonstrated by his legislative record, Tom is a staunch advocate for women’s issues. Tom has sponsored legislation protecting domestic violence victims and providing whistleblower protection for sexual harassment complaints (NYS A01738 and A01807, each in committee).

He co-sponsored the Reproductive Health Act premised on the principle that comprehensive reproductive health care is a fundamental aspect of one’s health, privacy and equality. Tom co-sponsored the “Big Boss” bill to prohibit employers from discrimination based on employees’ reproductive health decisions.

Tom voted for the Comprehensive Contraceptive Coverage Act requiring health insurers to provide cost-free coverage for at least one type of FDA-approved contraception. In supporting the Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA), Tom helped expand the Human Rights Law to prohibit discrimination based on gender identity or expression in employment, education, credit and housing.

In 2019, Tom voted for including in the budget language requiring insurance companies to provide coverage for medically necessary fertility preservation and in vitro fertilization. Tom also supported the equal pay for equal work bill prohibiting wage differentials based on protected class status.

We welcome the entry into local politics of a new participant with small business and fundraising experience. Yet particularly in light of the challenges posed by the current economic and social climate, it would be a mistake to allow a person with no experience in government at any level to oust a dedicated public official with an established record of support for women. We need representation that is well versed in how to achieve results in Albany and in how to support a diverse constituency at home. Please vote for Assemblyman Abinanti so that he may continue to serve us.


Chair, Women Democrats of Westchester County

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