Who stands for fairness, for purposeful centered government and for the honesty which must be behind every just law? Do you?

You are about to accept a position on the highest court of the land. You may well deserve that position as an astute and careful judge. But are you renouncing the basic moral citizenship that should be a precondition to being a judge on the court? What responsibility do you have for taking advantage of political, unfair gamesmanship that results in one senator precluding a sitting president from naming a Supreme Court justice in his last year of office? The same man is enabling your nomination days before a presidential election.

Do you stand for the rule of law in our democracy or only taking advantage of law? When I am offered the farm of an interned Japanese U.S. citizen for a cut-rate price, is it morally correct for me to buy? When the white foreman in a cement plant pulls me to the front of the employment line in front of brown and Black men waiting for work, is it right for me to take that job?

You should be someone with a moral compass who believes in our Constitution and the fairness of our legal system. Does your presence in the Senate hearing show that? That is the question every senator and every citizen should be asking you. It is the question you should be asking yourself. I am afraid that we know the answer by the very fact that we — rather than you — have to ask the question.


Paddington Road

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