I was surprised to read the lead Viral News article [Inquirer, page 1, March 19] regarding Con Edison mandatory gas inspections since I’ve never been notified by ConEd about this required procedure and the potential penalties for noncompliance.

Since Jan. 1, I’ve received two letters from ConEd about their Gas Alert Alarm Installation program, which I’ve been told is voluntary, but never about this mandatory program. Since my wife and I have been living in our home for more than 35 years without any gas safety issues, I thought that dealing with COVID-19 precautions was a more immediate problem than a free natural gas alarm. I was really surprised, therefore, when a ConEd installer rang our doorbell [March 19] at 8:45 a.m. and announced that he’d like to perform the mandatory safety inspection. I tried to send him away, but the thought of making a future appointment and possibly not complying with the penalties your article mentioned persuaded me to let him in.

Interesting to note that the installers work on a daily quota basis; i.e, the more jobs they complete, the more they get paid. Perhaps that explains the early, unplanned arrival of the technician. In any case, ConEd needs to provide you and its customers with correct information, and threatening us with fines and/or service discontinuance is no substitute for keeping us properly informed of its safety programs. Let’s not forget that this is the same utility company that kept many of us in the dark last summer because of Tropical Storm Isaias.

Donald Mutterperl

Taunton Road

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