Recently, several neighbors congratulated me on being featured on an Edgemont Facebook page. I had no idea this page even existed, but evidently it’s run by an anonymous Edgemonter who highlights members of the community and shouts out, “Edgemont Loves You!”

I would have been flattered — if half the information hadn’t been completely wrong.

The profile described me spending my days during the coronavirus enthusiastically singing with old friends on Zoom. A happy thought, really — singing my way through a pandemic — but it’s not true. I did receive a Zoom invitation on Facebook, but I never accepted. The writer also gave incorrect information about one of my sons, and didn’t seem to know about the other two.

I believe whoever runs this page means well. I really do. It’s all intended to be inspiring and neighborly. The problem is, there’s a fine line between benign untruths and harmful untruths. Lowering the bar for facts and reality gives license to others who spread lies or twist the truth. Even if well intentioned, some unidentified person peered at my Facebook page, saw a Zoom invitation, made mistaken assumptions about my life and family, and shared them with the community. It’s actually the sort of thing that could be the basis of a funny sitcom episode. Or under different circumstances, could cause hurt feelings and even do harm.

So, let’s be careful about posting, on Facebook or anywhere else. And maybe we all need to think twice about joining groups with friendly names and believing everything that’s in them. Even in little things, the truth matters.


Old Army Road

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