I have had the distinct pleasure of knowing Bob Klein my entire adult life as his wife of 47 years. I can think of no finer candidate for the position of school board member, and I am thrilled that he has won the nomination of the School Board Nominating Committee to serve on the board.

Bob is a superb listener, an analytical thinker and a creative problem solver. Whether he is working on an architectural project to help a client think through possible solutions to expansion of their business, or articulating their business model in real estate terms, or helping one of our children make an important decision about a school-related issue or work opportunity, he always takes the time to look objectively at the problem from many perspectives. He cherishes his quiet time to think through possible solutions and present them thoughtfully.

Bob’s ability to spearhead worthy causes most recently and notably as a board member of Neighbors for Refugees has shown his true mettle. He assisted in welcoming three refugee families to Westchester from Afghanistan and Pakistan, personally found affordable housing for them in nearby communities, and with a team of people furnished the entire apartment in less than three weeks. He had a clear mission and was able to carry it through to completion without distraction.

Bob has always taken an interest in my work as an educator, and engaged in discussions with me regarding the future of education. In the latter part of my career, I obtained a degree in educational administration and supervision that fascinated him. As I explored and discussed with him the impact of boards of education on education and the crucial role they play in developing educationally sound budgets that reflect what a community’s mission, values and goals are for the present and future, he listened and engaged actively in conversation. I strongly believe his interest in pursuing a role on Scarsdale’s Board of Education is an outgrowth of our shared interest in education.

As longtime residents of Scarsdale and having put two children through the system, we remain strong supporters of the excellent education Scarsdale offers. We have been empty nesters for 20 years; we still marvel at what the schools offer children today, preparing them to be global citizens. Bob feels very strongly that the gold standard of education that our children received in Scarsdale should be available for future generations of Scarsdale children. During the recent renovation of the Greenacres School and other buildings in the district, Bob took an active interest in and kept himself apprised of architectural and planning developments. He is a man who thinks outside the box and considers solutions that are not just the norm.

I believe you can trust a man like Bob Klein and his running mate, Amber Yusuf, to provide Scarsdale schools with clear-thinking, thoughtful, creative problem solvers whose goal is to give all children of Scarsdale a fine education, appropriate to their needs.


Post Road

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