For decades the blue spruce in Boniface Circle has been known as a “Christmas tree” which each year has been decorated with ornaments and been the center for Christmas carols and celebration. As Scarsdale’s Jewish population increased, it was natural that they would want some Jewish rituals to be included in Scarsdale celebrations. Now there is a menorah that is lit beside the tree every year during the holiday season, and the blue spruce is most often called a “holiday” tree rather than a “Christmas” tree.

There is one thing, however, that I find objectionable. Starting, I believe two years ago, The Scarsdale Inquirer eliminated the word “Christmas” from articles that refer to the Boniface Circle tree despite the fact that Christmas is by far the biggest of all holidays not only in the United States but in the Western world.

I agree with Dr. Ronee Bank and with Bob Berg, as reported in last week’s Inquirer [“Boniface spruce tree to be chopped?” and “Why remove iconic spruce tree?” Nov. 27], in their recommendations that the Boniface Circle blue spruce be saved, not removed. Any problems it has can be corrected. It’s a perfect tree for the location. In general I do not favor changes in Boniface Circle. With its memorial to those killed and who served in World War II, and its benches and green grass, it’s the right shape and size for its position in Scarsdale.

Andrew C. Hartzell Jr.

Eastwoods Lane

Editor’s note: The Inquirer uses the term “holiday” for the tree which is meant to be enjoyed by the entire community, and to reflect the inclusiveness intended by those who organize the seasonal festivities in the village.

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