The Procedure Committee is inviting Scarsdale residents to join the Citizens Nominating Committee (CNC). As one of 30 members of the CNC, you will interview, evaluate and select candidates who will be on the ballot for village elected offices in the March 17 villagewide election. This unique system gives our community’s neighborhood CNC representatives an opportunity to have their voices heard on who will govern at village hall.

The Procedure Committee is the nonpartisan group of Scarsdale volunteers who administer the annual nonpartisan election of a new group of 10 members of the CNC each year.

Residents may seek a place on the ballot in the Nov. 12 CNC election to represent their elementary school neighborhood (Edgewood, Fox Meadow, Greenacres, Heathcote and Quaker Ridge). The application process is simple, consisting of a short biographical information form and a nominating petition signed by 10 eligible voters from the candidate’s neighborhood. The forms and filing instructions may be downloaded from the Procedure Committee website on the forms link at

The CNC meets five or six times, typically on weekday evenings, at Scarsdale Village Hall beginning at the end of November. CNC meeting dates for 2019-20 are: Monday, Nov. 25 (organization meeting); Tuesday, Dec. 10; Wednesday, Dec. 18; Tuesday, Jan. 7; Wednesday, Jan. 15; and if necessary, Wednesday, Jan. 22.

By the end of the process the CNC will have nominated a nonpartisan slate of candidates for the open positions of three village trustees and the village justice.

Under New York State Law, contested elections are allowed and candidates outside the village nonpartisan election system may also run for village office by obtaining the prescribed number of signatures on a nominating petition.

A candidate for membership on the CNC must be a qualified voter (U.S. citizen and 18 years of age or older) and a resident of Scarsdale for at least two years. A CNC candidate may not simultaneously be a member of the Procedure Committee, the School Board Nominating Committee, the School Board Administrative Committee, the Scarsdale Board of Education or the Scarsdale Board of Trustees.

Each of the three groups of 10 CNC members serve staggered three-year terms followed by one year on the Procedure Committee. The filing deadline for both CNC application forms is Sept. 30.

The CNC election will be held at Scarsdale Village Hall on Tuesday, Nov. 12, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

For more information contact Procedure Committee chair Eric Cheng, Quaker Ridge, at or vice chair Sarit Kessel Fuchs, Quaker Ridge, at

The members of the 2019-20 Procedure Committee are: Stephen Baer, Daniel Brown, Eric Cheng, chair; Marie DiPalma, Madelaine Eppenstein, Sarit Kessel Fuchs, vice chair; Dan Gerardi, Judy Wenjing Kerr, Jon Leslie, Matt Martin, Barry Meiselman, BK Munguia, ML Perlman, Andrew Sereysky, Greg Soldatenko, Peter Tesler, Amber Yusuf and Anne Zink.



CNC Procedure Committee

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