Never in my 40-plus years living in Scarsdale have I seen a more offensive or ludicrous suggestion than that of the Scarsdale Business Alliance (SBA) and the Downtown Revitalization Committee (DRC) — which should perhaps be jointly renamed the Scarsdale Uglification Committee (SUC) — to chop down the majestic Colorado blue spruce tree in Boniface Circle.

Far from creating an “unwelcoming space,” the soaring spruce creates a perfect centerpiece for our beautiful village of trees. Moreover, annually replacing this tree with a “temporary tree, like the one in Rockefeller Center” would involve the destruction not only of our spruce, but of an endless number of future trees, and ironically would constitute the perfect symbol of support for the advancement of climate destruction.

I, for one, am perfectly happy with Boniface Circle in its current iteration as a tranquil green space. Not only is there a much larger park just across the street for those seeking outdoor activities, but I cannot imagine that removal of the tree would provide inviting and meaningful space for anything significant. And, in any event, the cost of sacrificing our spruce would simply be too high. If the tree is ailing and cannot be saved, it should simply be replaced with another mature evergreen.

If the DRC and SBA wish to attract more Scarsdale residents to the village center, I would strongly advise providing rent relief to those merchants impacted by the pandemic and lowering rents to enable a more practicable assortment of downtown retail establishments.

But in the meantime, please leave our beloved tree alone!

Rona Shamoon

Edgewood Road

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