Thank you to the 1,529 Scarsdale voters who voted for me in the Scarsdale School Board election. Together with my husband’s and my vote, that makes 1,531. I am humbled by and grateful for your incredible support. I congratulate Amber Yusuf and Bob Klein, the new school board members; from the research that I have conducted so far, we are the top three vote earners in the history of Scarsdale Board of Education elections.

My family and I wish the Scarsdale School Board and the School District Administration the very best of luck in helping us all navigate these uncertain times. Thank you, Superintendent Dr. Thomas Hagerman, School District Clerk Honore Adams, and all your colleagues for your hard work during the budget vote and board election. I also thank the one-third of Scarsdale voters who participated in the budget vote and school board election. More than 60% of our property taxes go to our schools, so I encourage the other two-thirds of Scarsdale voters to participate in our democracy. Whether you are new to Scarsdale, already have kids in the schools or are an empty nester, you should voice how you want your dollars spent.

While I was not fortunate to win a seat at the Scarsdale School Board this time around, I urge you to participate in Scarsdale School Board meetings and to let your voice be heard. We need cognizant diversity to ensure Scarsdale’s future sustainability.

I certainly will continue attending school board meetings and will remain very engaged in volunteer activities. I just volunteered for my sixth consecutive year as co-chair of the Fox Meadow Elementary Multicultural Committee, and I look forward to serving as co-chair of the newly created Fox Meadow Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I will also lead the first all-girls’ den in Scarsdale Cub Scout’s Pack 440. Before COVID-19 struck, my husband Brice, who is Cubmaster of Cub Scout Pack 440, held a science session for the girls. Later this summer, I will be running sessions on financial literacy and risk management.

Since the election, I have received numerous texts, emails and private Facebook messages thanking me for running and promising support for me in the future. “This is our/Scarsdale’s loss. We would have been very fortunate to have you on the board and look forward to your continued involvement.” “You are so extremely qualified for the position and Scarsdale would have been so lucky to have someone of your qualifications on the school board. I guess bucking the Establishment is an uphill battle. We hope you continue in your quest and one day soon will achieve success against the present system. You know you always have our vote and that of so many of our friends.” “We think you are wonderful…and we love you.”

I have more Scarsdale friends now than when I declared my candidacy a little over a month ago. You have made this journey so worth it. Thank you.


Fox Meadow Road

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