The Edgemont Incorporation Committee once again put the blame on Town Supervisor Paul Feiner for the failure to submit a valid petition [“EIC will continue to work toward an incorporation vote,” Letters to the Editor, Aug. 9]. Isn’t it about time they looked at themselves for answers? I understand the EIC’s frustration. The law, as written, is difficult (but not impossible) to follow. But at the end of the day it is the law. That is why I proposed a moratorium until the next state legislative session so the law could be rewritten. Among items I wanted to be reviewed was the current definition of “Regular Inhabitants.” Unfortunately, the moratorium never got to a floor vote in part due to political pressure from the EIC.

In regards to Mr. Feiner’s decision, I do not agree with everything he did or every part of his decision. However, his final conclusion that the petition did not meet the standards under the law was correct. The EIC would have you believe the problem with the “regular inhabitants” list centered solely around the group’s refusal to maintain the privacy of children. That is simply not true.

First, many qualified voters whose names the petitioners had easy access to were left off the list. Second, in terms of the privacy issue, names of almost 1,000 of the 2,400 kids in Edgemont had been published in The Scarsdale Inquirer and were readily available to the petitioners. Finally, the petitioners could have collected this information, filed an affidavit that it was in their possession citing the number of children and would only be released if required under seal to maintain the privacy of these children.

It appears to me that the petitioners prematurely filed this petition because they were concerned that the state would pass a bill allowing all those affected by incorporation to vote on incorporation. (Wouldn’t that change be in keeping with democracy?) They now have to live with the consequences of their actions and have only themselves to blame.

My guess is the issue will again end up in court. (The EIC complains about the town’s legal fees to defend the group’s decision. But, a lot of those legal fees were a result of the petitioners [EIC] suing the town and losing. So who actually caused those fees?) You can never predict how the courts will rule. We just have to wait and see.


Sherwood Place

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