This responds to Jon Lewis’ letter [“EIC has presented many options for future village,” July 12] which said my letter to the editor in the previous week’s edition was misleading. It was not. The EIC’s budget, analysis, plan — however, Mr. Lewis chooses to describe it — calls for a significant cost reduction for any Town services the village of Edgemont purchases and assumes no financial support for Parks and Rec or Theodore Young whatsoever. Ergo, the only way this budget works is by purchasing services at a discounted rate and shifting the tax burden to the remainder/less affluent portions of unincorporated Greenburgh.

Mr. Lewis is talking about purchasing municipal services at market rate, not the current formula based on property values. Interestingly, one of the driving forces for incorporation among supporters is that Edgemont pays more than their fair share of the taxes. (Of course that is because Edgemont property values are much higher than the rest of unincorporated Greenburgh.) So, the EIC’s plan for funding the village is to pay less for Town services than it does now thereby shifting the tax burden to less affluent sections of Town. It is time the EIC just admitted that is the math.

It is also interesting to note that Mr. Lewis admits that the EIC has no policymaking powers. If that is so, why push for mediation? Why would the Town negotiate anything with the EIC? Any agreement would be worthless except as great public relations material for the EIC.

It is about time we stop playing politics and start thinking about the hardworking people of Greenburgh who will be seriously hurt by Edgemont incorporation. It’s also time to drop the charade of “mediation.” All of those affected both in Edgemont and the other parts of unincorporated Greenburgh should be made aware of the impacts of Edgemont incorporation.

A secret mediation between the EIC and Mr. Feiner should never happen. What needs to happen is all those affected by incorporation should be given a chance to understand the impacts of Edgemont’s incorporation and a chance to vote on it.


Sherwood Place

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