Thank you for the article [“Portilla challenges Beville for Greenburgh Town clerk,” June 14] on this year’s very important town clerk race.

My formal education, not stated in the article, includes two master’s degrees: one in psychology, another in counseling. My entire career involves collaboratively working with families in crisis, state and county agencies, supervisors and those I respectfully supervise.

I know how to treat everyone with respect and dignity, timely respond to requests, work under extreme time pressures and comply with federal, state and local regulations. I don’t make excuses or point fingers when there are challenges — I meet those challenges and get the work done, and get the follow-up documentation timely completed.

I was proud to be endorsed by the Greenburgh Democratic Town Committee at the Democratic Convention by a margin of 63% to 30% for the incumbent town clerk, with 90 district leaders voting. I was especially proud that 100% (all eight) of the Edgemont District leaders present voted for me. (Four were absent.) My list of endorsements is too long to list here but they are shown in my candidate’s video, described below. The message is clear: change is needed in the town clerk’s office.

The Council of Greenburgh Civic Associations hosted a debate for town clerk and town council. As usual, the CGCA hired a League of Women Voters moderator to ensure fairness. The debates, along with each candidate’s tape, will air in a continuous loop on Fios channel 35 and on Cablevision (Optimum) channel 76 from approximately 10 p.m. June 21 until 9 p.m. June 25, when the polls close on Primary Day. The debate can also be accessed at by clicking “Pre-Primary Democratic Debate 6/13/19” under “News & Information.” The town clerk debate plays first.

The LWV-moderated town clerk debate covered issues such as office staff turnover, premature records destruction, a $36,000 court ordered penalty regarding FOIL, HIPPA issues and the handling of the Edgemont incorporation petition. Each candidate’s video message will also be available on the town’s website.

I hope you will watch because I believe you too will agree change is needed in the town clerk’s office.

As a candidate for town clerk, I am committed to adding regular evening and weekend hours so you don’t have to take time off from work to visit the clerk’s office, and I will establish a mobile unit to bring the services of the clerk to major events throughout the town. I will completely overhaul the clerk’s web pages so information is readily available and forms can be completed online, and I will ensure full compliance with record retention requirements, provide free notary services in the clerk’s office, and much more.

If you elect me I won’t let you down. I will work every day to improve the office, reduce staff turnover, decrease freedom of information document delivery time, expand access to documents by significantly improving the town clerk’s website and much more. My focus will be on serving you.

I ask for your support. Thank you.


Greenburgh Town Clerk candidate

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