This is a critical time in the town’s history. Since being selected by the Democratic Committee on Vacancies to replace the late Kevin Morgan on the June 25 primary ballot, I have been reaching out to residents, including Edgemont residents, to learn more about issues that seem to divide rather than unite us. I pledge to be a town board member who truly seeks to find common ground, starting with a fresh perspective, having had no involvement with the prior petition controversies. I don’t know what the end result will be, but I can assure all involved I will be a voice for transparency and for an equitable process.

At an early age I learned my work ethic and passion for public service from my mother, Mary Jackson, who spent 30-plus years in the Department of Social Services, and helped her friends Lois Bronz, Alfreda Williams and Andrea Stewart-Cousins in their campaigns. I could not have had better role models.

After I earned my bachelor’s degree in business administration, I spent 17 years in the field of  human resources, earning the nickname Gina “HR” Jackson because of my love for helping people. In 2004 I moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and worked as chief of staff for the deputy commissioner of watershed management under the administration of the Honorable Shirley Franklin — the 58th mayor of Atlanta and first and only African-American woman to hold that post. Mayor Franklin taught me what a dedicated politician should be, a person who listens and then acts on the constituents’ behalf.

Using my experience as chief of staff and the many administrative responsibilities that position entailed, and my experience and relationships working with the New York State governor’s office when I returned to New York, I believe I can be effective in addressing the following issues:

Making Greenburgh more affordable for adults, retirees and the elderly by decreasing dependence on property taxes by promoting economic development in a responsible manner while ensuring we keep Greenburgh green;

Keeping the momentum going by developing public/private partnerships to address stormwater, traffic and, of course, parking issues at Four Corners;

Appointing meaningful land use committees consisting of interested residents who live near development proposals;

Requiring assisted living facilities to absorb the cost of excessive EMS calls due to unreasonable “no lift” policies, where the facilities call EMS solely to lift a fallen resident into bed;

Supporting initiatives that allow our residents to age in place so residents who have grown up in Greenburgh do not have to move away from family and friends solely because they retired;

Addressing the need for a new code-compliant court house and police headquarters that can again accommodate hiring female officers;

Significantly expanding the evaluation of town departments using independent efficiency experts;

Making Greenburgh more pedestrian friendly, especially near schools;

Requiring NYS to repave pothole-ridden state roads and demanding the same standard for the town.

I ask for your support and vote on Tuesday, June 25, to be your next town council member, your advocate, your voice.


Town Council candidate

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