I am proud to be endorsed for Greenburgh Councilman by the Greenburgh Democratic Party, Working Families Party, Greenburgh Police Benevolent Association and Teamsters Local 456.

Our town board has become increasingly ambitious. We aggressively seek grants and improve efficiency to provide additional funding to pursue new objectives. For example, I support the rehabilitation of town court/police facilities. This will reduce costs without cutting services and allow the court to more effectively collect tariffs. In addition we obtained $10 million in New York State grants for water infrastructure alone. During my tenure, miles of sidewalks have been laid in Greenburgh, funded in part by $2 million in federal and state grants. Seely Place, Secor Road, Juniper Hill Road, Manhattan Avenue and White Plains Road are among the roads across the town [having] new sidewalks. When complete, a large section of Fairview will be pedestrian friendly. In April we received another $1 million grant for more sidewalks along Hillside Avenue.

In 2017, we introduced townwide organic food waste recycling, at no cost to the public. This reduced trash incineration 30%. Next year we plan to provide curbside organic waste pickup. 

I am also working hard for thoughtful economic redevelopment to Hartsdale Four Corners and other areas struggling with vacant storefronts, traffic and infrastructure challenges. We want to create a welcoming and sustaining environment for small businesses.

I am extremely proud of Chief [Christopher] McNerney and the Greenburgh Police Force, as well as the town court. Under the chief’s fair and progressive leadership, burglaries are down and our community policing efforts are successful.

Our town provides residents with services superior to those in neighboring municipalities. We are working to help local workers live in Greenburgh. We continue to seek affordable assisted living facilities so that seniors are not forced to leave our town. We’ve stayed below the state tax cap and kept our elite AAA bond rating. We are always pursuing our residents’ interests, such as enabling the prepayment of 2018 property taxes to partially undo the sting of President [Donald] Trump’s tax changes.

Incorporation of Edgemont and/or Hartsdale would drain essential funds from Unincorporated Greenburgh and raise village taxes. I am opposed to further incorporation in Greenburgh.

During my tenure, lawsuits have been kept at a minimum and my legal skills have helped prevent huge litigation payouts. My family and I have been part of the fabric of our town since 1929 and will continue to serve Greenburgh as you permit. I look forward to serving you for the next four years.


Greenburgh Town Councilman

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