Since my previous letter [Nov. 27], I have learned that the proposal for Boniface Circle by the Downtown Revitalization Committee (DRC) of the Scarsdale Forum Inc. and the Scarsdale Business Alliance (SBA) involves far more than cutting down our holiday tree. (Even if the tree has a problem, nobody has stated that it cannot be successfully treated.)

Evidently, what these committees have in mind is a total and extensive change to the green at Boniface Circle for the supposed purpose of making Scarsdale’s downtown more aesthetically attractive and thereby bringing more shoppers to the village and more income to the shops.

I cannot fathom how changing this small space could in any way bring in $1 more to the existing merchants or entice any new businesses. If these groups are merely disturbed by the present appearance of the area, they should make a proposal to the entire community and respect its wishes before making any permanent changes, like cutting down the tree.

In addition, it is very important to remember that this green is home to a war memorial. Before any change is made, we must respect this fact and involve the appropriate Veterans American Legion post.

We are in the midst of a pandemic and our taxes might be put to better use at this time. It is most important to emphasize that the residents of Scarsdale must be consulted on any proposed changes.

Ronee I. Bank, M.D.

Fenimore Road

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In order to help revitalize the downtown, a cultural events center should be created as an attraction, possibly a Multiuse space that can be used as:

Gallery/Museum space

Performance/event Space

Theater (film/live)

Community inclusive cultural programs

other "Cultural Interest event" that attracts people

Need to provide catalyst and reason for residents and non-residents to visit the village center, which can spill into adjoining shops and restaurants.

Where/How? An open glass/steel structure nestled into Boniface Circle for year-round access - first floor tenants facing the Circle - Boniface (room for a Mezzanine?)

More than parking and condos, the village needs a cultural center.


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