Since single use plastic bags are no longer legal in New York, some stores have done away with recycling bins, making it difficult to find a place to deposit soft plastics. It’s not just the shopping bags which can be recycled but also bread bags, cereal box liners, the plastic packaging of our treasured toilet paper and paper towel rolls, in addition to the packing material which comes with the deliveries we all have been receiving during the pandemic. A complete list of recyclable soft plastics can be found at

Fortunately, in Scarsdale, we have a large recycling center that already handles paper, food scraps, glass, metal and many hard plastics. The time is right to add soft plastic collection to this list. Soft plastics must be baled and stored in a dry place for pickup. This would require a modest one-time outlay for a baler and storage shed, as well as personnel training. After that, there would be little cost to run the operation and possibly a small income stream.

I urge the Scarsdale Board of Trustees to consider soft plastic recycling at this time and take steps to make it happen. If you agree with the need for soft plastic recycling, send a note to


Carthage Road

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