Contrary to what you might have heard, when Mexico sends its people to the United States, it sends you its best. My husband and I are educated in the fields of law and business administration. We are happy to be living in the Heathcote School area for four years with our four kids.

Mayra’s journey here has been very different. She descends from farmers, teachers and soldiers who came to the U.S. during one economic crisis or another. They are the people who usually are not welcome here and begrudged by border patrols in Mexico when they return for visits with American made goods. Yet, in one generation she went from being a migrant farmer’s daughter to living in Scarsdale.

If we need to know what is going on in the village or in our schools, we know we can ask Mayra or she will have posted important information on multiple websites. She is a cheerleader for Scarsdale and wants us to be involved. What is up with Freightway? Ask Mayra. Can we pay taxes in two installments? Ask Mayra. Why wouldn’t we want her enthusiasm and skills on Scarsdale’s school board?


Manor Lane

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