The Scarsdale Republican Town Committee (SRTC) extends our heartfelt appreciation to the Scarsdale Police Department for keeping us safe during this difficult period. We abhor the tragic death of George Floyd and applaud the efforts of Scarsdale residents to have a well-attended and peaceful protest in honor of Mr. Floyd.

We are grateful for increased presence of the Scarsdale police on a daily basis and know that they are laser-focused on protecting the rights, well-being and property of all residents and businesses. The Scarsdale Police Department managed the local vigil for Mr. Floyd in an effective way that was attuned to the values of our community.

The SRTC deplores the rising rhetoric to “defund the police” or replace the police with social workers, as has been proposed in nearby New York City, for one. We do not tolerate lawlessness in our community and should not tolerate it in any other community. Police are the thin blue line between civil society and anarchy.

Thank you, Scarsdale Police Department for what you have done for Scarsdale and what you will do in the future to ensure that our community continues to be the haven we value beyond words.


Chairman, SRTC

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