We read with great interest the article in which Edgewood residents raised concerns over safety at the Lyons/Sprague intersection [“Residents petition for stop signs at Sprague, Lyons intersection,” Oct. 4]. Not only should there be a four-way stop at that intersection, but at every intersection on Sprague as well. Every intersection is unsafe because of the sloped terrain on Sprague, which makes it impossible to predict speeding traffic.

Over the past 20 years or so we have witnessed an increasing number of accidents and many more near hits at other Sprague intersections as cars and light trucks barrel up and down Sprague at ever-increasing speed well above the 30 mph speed limit which should also be lowered and monitored.

Four-way stops at every Sprague intersection would greatly slow the traffic, increase the safety of all and restore the tranquility of the neighborhood which has been eroded over the last few years by ever-increasing noise and out of control traffic.

Let’s not be complacent about issues of safety and quality of life.


Madison Road

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